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While at one point, TR 2008 was believed to have had potential for a record setting number of men attending, due to some last minute declines, we didn't quite hit the mark... However, we certainly had a healthy group - including the first time attendance of Mike Z - whose sure to become a regular in future years! Well... the evolution of Serb Fest continues... With 10 men and a total attendance of 30, this was perhaps the most robust Serb Fests in recent memory! The structure of the next generation is starting to take the shape of its predecessors and while for a period of time, the weekend was somewhat of a "guys weekend", there's no question that it is once again a very family friendly atmosphere! Breaking through the barrier in 2005, with Scott bringing his future wife, Julie, TR 2008 was witness to 6 of the 10 male attendess bringing significant others, not to mention OLAF bringing his daughter Sara. With this continued evolution saw the first ever delegation of shopping duties - which logistically, will be going through some massaging over the next few years - but was quite a load off of Scott & Jovan's plates.

On to the weekend! Several new menu items were introduced this year - all with GREAT success! Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage with diced & roasted potatoes was a fabulous way to start Saturday morning - especially for those battling a mild hangover from Friday night. Furthermore, diving into Julie's BBQ Pulled Pork sandwiches following the Beer Float was also a welcomed event. Other notable additions were R's succulent BBQ ribs, and a slight modification to Monica's Dad's Chicken, which was served in Chicken Tender form in addition to the traditional Chicken Leg.

Until Sunday afternoon, we all thought that we would be experiencing our first Serb Fest without any representation from the older generation, until seemingly, out of nowhere, Monica's Mom arrived! It was certainly one of the highlights of the weekend and was once again a privalege to share even a portion of the weekend with a Hall of Fame attendee. The fact that she made the trip, when her peers were unfortunately unable to attend, surely speaks a great deal to her affinity for Serb Fest. It was also something truly special to witness her get a bit choked up as she shuffled through some of the old photos that were floating around the grill site this year. It's those kinds of memories that keep us coming back each year! But that's not to take away from the loads of meat and that inflatable cooler float that carries our beer down Sugar Creek!

Teta Cica
Crazy Dan, Debra, Danica & Ivana Boskovic
Katherine Boskovic
Caroline Boskovic & Ally
Zofia Stevanovic
Monica Stevanovic
Emma Loyfman
Eden Porsangi
Magda Stevanovic
Cica Daca & Teta Lela    
Aleks Danilovic    
John Zelenkovich
Stephanie Bennett
Scott Berger
11 (13)
Initiated delegation of shopping responsibility.
Julie Berger
Initiated BBQ Pulled Pork & Jimmy Dean
8 (9)
Julie L
Sara L
Brian Kelley
8 (9)
Jeff Berger
8 (9)
Erin O'Kelly
Jeff Heitzman
7 (8) *
Brian Crissie
8 (9)
Rishi Loona
Dave R
Bryanne H
Mike Z
Initiated Stroh's; Named himself "FM" on night 1
Amy Z
XX (YY) :: XX Indicates # of trips to Serb Fest, YY Indicates total # of trips to Turkey Run
* Indicates a Demerit that has resulted in -1 Trips

"A little rain just means a jucier cevap!" - Jovan

"Commies took 2 of the 3 butcher shops... They couldn't take them all!" - Jovan

"All breast, no bone!" - Scott Berger

"I do wear the pants!... She just puts them on me..." - Crazy Dan

"Stroh's is the perfect Summer beer! Stroh's is Shorts spelled backwards!" - Feces Mike

Rookie of the Year Mike Z Showed exceptional spirit & enthusiasm throughout the weekend...
Honorary Vince Kus Intellectual of the Year Award Jovan Zelenkovich I actually don't remember why, but at some point, I thought to myself that he deserved this award this year.....


[Left to Right] Jeff Berger, Jeff Heitzman, (Sara) OLAF, Dave R, Rishi Loona, Brian Kelley, Jovan Zelenkovich, Scott Berger, Mike Z, Brian Crissie.

Additional Photos ::

[L] A few of the girls have a bite to eat after the kayak trip [R] Monica's Mom relives some old memories with Scott overlooking a grill full of her husband's famous chicken.







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30 strong, the group takes a moment for the first full group photo in recent memory.
CR gets daring with his hachet Friday night.
Julie & Amy prepare breakfast Saturday morning
Tight shot of CR - 'nuff said.
While this may be a reinactment from Serb Fest 1990, this is certainly a typical scene seen 'round the grill each year....
Crazy Dan, Mike, & Scott share a healthy laugh...
Friggin' OLAF.... Well, you know what they say... "Gotta start 'em young"!
Sara & Ivana seem to be getting on quite well!
What's Serb Fest without bringing out the old Indian Head Dress??...
Rishi, once again tends the grill after sundown.