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Big Shit, once known as the guy who seemingly dreaded going to Turkey Run until actually there, now sings a different tune. Today, he looks forward to nothing more than digging into his first plate of cevapcici at Turkey Run each year!

In 2002, BS was seen consuming a Heinekin on his own free will with dinner one night. This was generally the first time most of us had witnessed his consumption of beer. Today, upwards of 24 beers and a handle of Captain Morgan is allotted for his consumption over the course of the weekend.

In 2007 Big Shit respectfully requested to shed his nickname for anything not referencing bathroom related activities. It's been challenging, but some have made an effort to refrain from using his former nickname. This of course is nearly impossible and is generally mocked after the consumption of 6 or more beers.

On a serious note, Brian is one of the few attendees in recent memory to have not missed a TR (aside from the accepted sebatical of TR 01) after their fist year of attendance. TR 2009 marked Brians 10th (unofficial) straight year of attendance!


Golden Cevapcici Award :: 2003
Golden Cevapcici Award :: 2005
Most Improved Award :: 2011

Deliberately consumed a beer... a very rare event at the time! - 2002
Awarded "Cevapcici Consumption Award" for his perseverance to eat to the second full. Consumed 50+ cevapcici and had the presence of mind to actually count along the way! - 2003
Severely sprained his ankle only an hour into the weekend. - 2006

From: Brian Kelley
Sent: Friday, August 15, 2003 9:11 PM
Subject: Turkey Run--Where the Boys Are

As John has taught me more and more about Turkey Run and its history, I realized that he has excluded women from it all together, rather intentionally. And now I get this message from a woman trying to upstage the guys. Just like a fricking chick!!!

You all didn't come up with the idea of a website. You're taking ours. And as if that weren't bad enough!! Although the website is not currently better than ours, you CLAIM yours WILL be. As if you want credit for it already. Jeez!!! (And what's with including yourself in all the pictures in the "aren't we hot" section?)

You've turned a lovely little gathering of people into a guys vs. gals competition. I guess this whole thing goes back to women having more problems than men. They have to win, they're possessive, materialistic, and jealous (the whole penis envy thing). That's just the tip of the iceberg, honey. HAHAHA!!

And if you wanted to include pics, you could've added a couple of more entertaining ones. Even though it didn't happen at turkey run, you could've included some of the pics (which I know you have :)) from your little escapade with the guy against the car in the middle of a public street. It was a turkey run story...that's good enough. Then there MIGHT be a reason for the guys to visit your site. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Think about what you've done, missy.

That's all


















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