The TR Code of Ethics was born out of a simple, but powerful statment made by Mr. Z at TR 2001. The skeleton crew of Scott Berger, Krangis and Brian Crissie joined the soon to be Hall of Famers as well as Crazy Dan and Deb Boskovic in the Shelter Saturday evening for Dinner when Mr. Z laid this on us....

"You know the rules, you eat or you're out!"

With this in mind in the coming years, Founding Members Jovan Zelenkovich and Scott Berger expanded on this powerful commandment and developed a 10 commandment Code of Ethics for the Second Generation attendees to live by in conjunction with the Tenets of Turkey Run.


1. Councilmen & above shall be responsible for securing their own rooms at Turkey Run Inn approximately 2 years in advance. Founding Members shall each be responsible for reserving an extra room to accommodate new attendees. Last minute requests for rooms without extenuating circumstance will put you in danger of a demerit.

2. Proposal of a new attendee (male or female) shall be made with the understanding that this individual will respect, appreciate, and uphold the Tenets of Turkey Run. Positive contribution toward the Spirit of Turkey Run shall be held in the utmost regard.

3. Shopping Assignments shall be adhered to with precision. Last minute substitutions shall be cleared by a Founding Member prior to purchase.

4. Absolutely no romance will be tolerated.

5. Debts related to food & beverage are to be settled within 30 days of the distribution of final TR Invoices. Canoeing/Kayak rental fees shall be paid the day of the Beer Float - Sunday (please have $25 cash per person available)

6. Olaf has to drive. Those attendees who are attending from out of town or are unable to otherwise contribute a vehicle of their own shall be responsible for securing and funding an appropriate number of rental vehicles to accommodate both the attendees in need of a ride and a reasonable amount of cargo.

7. Wife beaters will be worn for the annual hike & pre-hike group photo. Additional time spent wearing your dirty wife beater shall be looked upon favorably by the Founding Members and will contribute positively towards your chances of being awarded the coveted Golden Cevapcici Award.

8. Councilmen and above may only be excused from Turkey Run due to a death in the family... otherwise, see item #9. Missing Turkey Run for another other reason will leave you at the mercy of the Founding members and could result in a demerit. (See Nutz - TR 2002)

9. Memorial Day weekend, clear it for the rest of your life.

10. You eat, or you're out.

* Ten Commandments are not written in stone and may be changed at any time at the sole discretion of the founding members.



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