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Turkey Run 2003 was a year of evolution and pushing the envelope. A record number of attendees yielded a record amount of food, which in turn yielded the addition of the biggest cooler in Serb Fest history! Lets not forget the documentary filmed and the upstart of Turkey Run Online!

John Zelenkovich
Overzealous with canoe trip
Scott Berger
6 (8)
Tipped 100 ft. into kayak trip, found hiking shorts from 2002 unwashed and immediately packed them.
4 (5)
Brian Kelley
Cevapcici Consumption Award - 50+ consumed
Jeff Berger
3 (4)
Filmed TR Documentary
Jeff Heitzman
2(3) *
Most Improved Award - Indominable spirit, contribution to the TR Online FAQ. Proclaimed Serb Fest as a weekend of "Fire & Ice"
Rishi Loona
Rookie of the Year - Grill operation
Charlie Ruiz
Earned the nickname "Chuckles (Sorry)"
XX (YY) :: XX Indicates # of trips to Serb Fest, YY Indicates total # of trips to Turkey Run
* Indicates a Demerit that has resulted in -1 Trips

I don't know what you guys are talking about... they all sound good to me. - Nutz

The only kind of hangover at TR comes from eating too much and having to loosen your belt. - Unknown

"How 'bout the other two thirds of the case I already finished?" - OLAF

Rookie of the Year Rishi Loona Awarded for his enthusiastic late night grill operation
Cevapcici Consumption Award Brian Kelley 50+ consumed
Record Setting Distance Traveled to Attend Turkey Run Rishi Loona Traveled from Charlotte, NC
Most Improved Jeff Heiztman Indominable spirit, contribution to the TR Online FAQ. Proclaimed Serb Fest as a weekend of "Fire & Ice"


Left to Right] Brian Kelley, Scott Berger, Jeff Berger, OLAF, Jovan Zelenkovich, Rishi Loona, Charlie Ruiz, Jeff Heitzman.



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Over $800 was spent for TR 2003. This included a record 3 orders of cevapcici and an impressive eight cases of beer (1 case/man).
Jovan takes ahold of the famous *Official* TR Cooler off the shelves of Walmart.
A disturbing pre-hike look into Scott's shoe, armed with duct tape, and ready to to withstand another year of blood, sweat, and mud.
The Bocce competition was intense as signified by Jovan making a very close call.
Addition of a new generation of "lawn chairs" had people yearning to take a load off more so than ever. And prepare not to get up, because you WILL lose your seat.
Everyone stuck out the brisk night air for several hours conversing over several very important topics.
Jovan, Chuckles (sorry), & Scott take advantage of the photo-op. in front of Turkey Run Inn.