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TR 2007 was yet another great year. There was further evolution in terms of transportation. We opted for dual departure points - one from the city and one from the suburbs. This went off without a hitch! We had even more people involved with shopping and finally after 4 years, OLAF was once again able to drive! By mid Saturday, with the arrival of Nutz who had been en route from London, everyone was finally on site!

After an unusually dry TR 06, the rain returned this year in grand fashion. Never the less, nothing was compromised. While some key individuals - young and old were greatly missed, the fine addition of Eric "Mad Dog" Hansen and the welcomed return of Monica's Mom for the first time in a half decade, the group flourished. Perhaps the most well received addition to TR since the initiation of Bocce at TR 2001 Observed, the game of Bags was a major presence and drove great competition among all attendees. There's something to be said for a non-contact sport that can be played while holding a red solo cup!

A bold, risky, but successful move by Jovan & Crazy Dan transitioned the historically 3-4 mile beer float to an unprecedented 8 mile trip! Miraculously, we didn't run out of beer! However, if not for a mid Saturday beer run for an additional 10 cases, we would have likely been completely dry by mid Sunday! Total beer consumption for the weekend - unconfirmed.... but likely upwards of 24 cases!

Cika Bora & Teta Cica
Crazy Dan, Debra, Danica & Ivana Boskovic
Katherine Boskovic
Caroline Boskovic & Ally
Monica Stevanovic
Emma Loyfman
Eden Porsangi
Cica Daca & Teta Lela    
Aleks Danilovic    
John Zelenkovich
19 (20)
Initiated bags
Scott Berger
10 (12)
Julie Walton
7 (8)
Abided by Rule #6 for 1st time since 2003
Brian Kelley
7 (8)
Jeff Berger
7 (8)
Erin O'Kelly
Jeff Heitzman
6 (7) *
Brian Crissie
6 (8)
Rishi Loona
Dave R
Eric Hansen
Dominance in Bags & willingness to drink ANYTHING.
XX (YY) :: XX Indicates # of trips to Serb Fest, YY Indicates total # of trips to Turkey Run
* Indicates a Demerit that has resulted in -1 Trips

"So f*cking tasty!" - Scott Berger

"Can you fill the bun?!"- Crazy Dan

"The world is my toilet!"- Scott Berger

"Lady, the creek is 3 1/2 ft deep... we're 6 ft tall.... we're not gonna drown!" - OLAF

"I should put some clothes on" - Jovan ......... "Why?" - Cika Bora

"I'm 'unna smack you in the brain!" - 3 yr old hick

2007 Golden Cevapcici Award Scott Berger Lifetime achievement
Rookie of the Year Eric Hansen Integrated perfectly into the fabric of TR
Cevapcici Consumption Award Jovan Zelenkovich  
Record Setting Distance Traveled to Attend Turkey Run Jeff Heitzman Traveled from London


[Left to Right] Brian Crissie, Rishi Loona, Scott Berger, Jovan Zelenkovich, Eric Hansen, OLAF, Dave R, Jeff Berger, Brian Kelley.

Not Pictured :: Jeff Heitzman

Additional Photos ::

One of the few Schlitz's to be consumed... Vlade was a warrior. (L) :: CR poses with a torch. (R)








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Despite the rain, spirits are high as TR 07 kicks off!
The men gather 'round the grill for another plate full of meat.
Crazy Dan & CR amidst a serious discussion over who has the larger cevap.
Celebration during an intense game of Bags.... and yet another classic OLAF pose!
This is the look one might get if attempting to take cevap from a Serb....
Cika Bora studies the flight of an incoming bean bag.
The American flag now hangs along side the Serbian flag to honor the great country in which Serb Fest is hosted each year.
Serb down! A long hard night of drinking gets the best of Catherine. Rest assured, she was well taken care of...
Jovan & Eden take a moment on the final night of TR 07.