Original Head Dress - circa 2001   Head Dress v2 - introduced 2004  

The first indian head dress was introduced at Turkey Run 2001 by Dan Boskovic. He purchased the head dress at Cherokee Village Campground, just minutes outside of TR. The tradition of passing the head dress around the group for pictures began that year. The original head dress reappeared in 2002 but did not make it back to TR 2003 because of Dan's absence. In 2004, while the original head dress was retired, Dan introduced a new head dress that brought the same old spirit back to the group, especially the Hall of Famers!  
Indian Head Dress Candids ::
2001 :: Teta Lela w/ Cika Daca     2001 :: Brian Crissie  
2004 :: Arpan w/ Crazy Dan   2004 :: OLAF  
2004 :: Jovy   2002 :: Crazy Dan  

2004 :: Cika Daca w/ Teta Lela   2002 :: Crazy Dan & Uncle Jovy  

2005 :: Crazy Dan   2001 :: Mr. & Mrs. Z.  

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