In late 2002, Krangis had the fine idea of filming our coveted Memorial Day weekend to create a documentary not only for the attendees of that year to enjoy, but to use as something to give perspective future attendees a real taste of what Turkey Run is all about. After very successfully turning out "Fire & Ice Extravaganza" after Turkey Run 2003, the stage was officially set to continue the tradition with follow-up releases. Take a look below at what we have and what we can all very anxiously expect in future years.



LENGTH :: 41m 11s
FILMED :: TR 2003
DEBUT :: March 20, 2004
DVD RELEASE :: May 28, 2004
DIGITAL RELEASE :: May 17, 2013

"Fire & Ice Extravaganza"- The first official video release documenting Memorial Day weekend at Turkey Run traces every memorable moment of TR 2003. The 41 min 11sec film takes a look not only at TR 03, but begins to take a look back at TR's past. It's a look into the weekend from the perspective of the Turkey Run Men and is anchored by Jovan's deep & emotional commentary. Who knew that talking about a weekend of barbecuing could nearly make a grown man weep. Perhaps that statement is a bit over-the-top, but lets face it... that is the exact spirit that makes this documentary so fantastic.




LENGTH :: 60+m
FILMED :: TR 2003-2004
DEBUT :: May 28, 2005
DVD RELEASE :: March 23, 2006

This Special Edition DVD features the remastered footage from TR 2003. It also, of course, includes a feature presentation of TR 2004! Additional Bonus Footage is included with hillarious outtakes, interviews and audio commentary from Jovan & Scott over the full Fire & Ice 2003 feature! (If you've never taken the time to check this out, I highly recommend it! It's ridiculous on multiple levels!)

TURKEY RUN 2003: DIGITAL DOWNLOAD [Right click, save as] or tap to stream to your mobile devices

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LENGTH :: 2m 00s
FILMED :: TR 2004
DEBUT :: April 18, 2005
DIGITAL RELEASE :: April 18, 2005

LENGTH :: 4m 39s
FILMED :: TR 2007 | TR 2012
DEBUT :: May 12, 2013
DIGITAL RELEASE :: May 12, 2013

After great anticipation, this trailer accomplished a number of great things. It of course addressed the notion of why we all continue to return to Turkey Run year after year. It will forever remind us of the spirit our old friend Jovan had for this time-honored tradition. And it previews the incredible footage that will become the next full-lenth release as a follow up to 2005's Fire & Ice Extravaganza - Special Edition which is expected to capture the rich history of Serb Fest while examining its influence on today's Serb Fest! Stay tuned for more details in the coming years!


LENGTH :: 3m 59s
FILMED :: TR 2003 | TR 2004 | TR 2005 | TR 2012
DEBUT :: May 12, 2017
DIGITAL RELEASE :: May 12, 2017

Well who can’t get excited after watching this?!  Krangis once again comes through in a big way with an uplifting video set to Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling” – a song most cool kids can appreciate!  Share this one with your kids! 



LENGTH :: 23m 47s
FILMED :: TR 2012
DEBUT :: May 21, 2017

Filmed during the late night hours of TR 2012, the release of this priceless footage in some form has been highly anticipated from the moment it was captured! Originally part of a flurry of filming done in 2012 intended to contribute to the production of our next full-length documentary – a look at the rich history of Serb Fest. Time has proven that production of such a documentary is no small task, but one that certainly remains an aspiration for us all. And so, Krangis and Scott agreed that we simply couldn’t hold back on the release of this legendary interview session any longer. It stands tremendously well on its own and will leaving you crying from laughter. Throughout the interview, you hear the small group that had gathered behind the camera fight to hold back the uncontrollable laughter. The good news is that today, you can laugh to your heart’s content! ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED??!



LENGTH :: 6m 50s
FILMED :: TR 2012
DEBUT :: May 24, 2016

The second installment of the Fireside Chat series offers an insightful and entertaining look at Brian Crissie's history in attending Serb Fest. One of the lean skeleton crew of TR2001, Brian has had a near perfect attendance since. His close personal relationship with Crazy Dan over the years also gives him a unique perspective one of Serb Fest's biggest personalities!


LENGTH :: 4m 18s
FILMED :: TR 2012
DEBUT :: May 24, 2017

Welcome to ‘Cooler Sessions’! The first chapter features 3-time attendee, Brian O’Kelly. The interview was filmed during TR2012 in the midst of Brian’s second trip to TR. In contrast to Crazy Dan’s ‘Fireside Chat’ which, among much of his antics, speaks eloquently about the history of Serb Fest from the perspective of our longest-tenured attendee… Brian brings a youthful perspective of Serb Fest – relevant to many of our newer invitees, even those experiencing Serb Fest for the very first time this year! ENJOY!



LENGTH :: 12m 58s
FILMED :: TR 2012
DEBUT :: May 22, 2019

The highly anticipated next chapter of Cooler Sessions, featuring none other than Crazy Dan! This footage was released ahead of TR 2019 as he prepared to make his return to Serb Fest after an infamous one-year hiatus! The chat takes us back to the sweltering 100 degree heat of TR2012. Learn some important Serbian techniques for staying cool in extreme heat and MUCH more! Language is technically not safe for kids, but I used to share with a 3-4 year old Grant and he thought it was hilarious. He seems to have turned out fine!




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