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TR 2013 may always be most remembered for being our first TR without our old friend Jovan, but we’ll also remember it as a celebration of his memory and affirmation that this great tradition that he was so passionate about will continue to live on in his honor. In sharp contrast to last year, we had cool temperatures and rain throughout much of the weekend. It didn’t stand a chance at impacting the group’s good time! The only real disappointment was that of the last second cancelations of Mike Z and family and CR’s girlfriend Sarah (both due to family emergencies) and the shutdown of the suspension bridge due to structural damage incurred during the heavy floods in April.

We were thrilled to meet several new 3rd generation attendees in 2013, including Louis R, Ethan Heitzman (who took home Rookie of the Year honors), Hazel Berger, Max Russo (Vince Kus Honorary Intellectual of the Year Award Winner) and James (Porsangi). This continued the trend of strong, rapid growth in numbers for this generation! I know it makes the parents of these young attendees proud to see such joy and excitement in the eyes of their children while at Turkey Run. You can truly see the Spirit of Serb Fest being instilled into each of them!

One of the more notable aspects of the weekend was the resurgence in the consumption of cevapcici, led enthusiastically by Scott Berger, who came into the weekend with a strong desire to take him his first Cevapcici Consumption Award. He maintained focus throughout the weekend and consumed a steady diet of cevapcici. The group as a whole consumed well over 300 Serbian sausages, significantly more than each of the past several years as the Serb Fest staple had lost popularity to a much wider variety of menu items.

Sunday evening, Scott Berger made several announcements on behalf of the TR High Council. Rishi Loona was formally elevated to Councilman, nearly 3 years overdue. After consulting with Honorary Senior Founding Member, Dan Boskovic, Scott was proud to announce the elevation of OLAF to Founding Member. Following this announcement, in accordance with the bylaws of the TR High Council, Dan announced that Scott was to be elevated to Senior Founding Member. Following these announcements, was the highly anticipated announcement of the 2013 Golden Cevapcici Award, which was renamed this year in memory of Jovan Zelenkovich, its inaugural recipient and an individual whom so undeniably lived the Tenets of Turkey Run each and every day. With that said, Scott was proud to announce Krangis Berger as the 2013 recipient of the Jovan Zelenkovich Memorial Golden Cevapcici Award. This was clearly in direct response to his great contributions to the preservation of the Legend of Turkey Run through his amazing documentary projects; including 2004’s “Fire & Ice Extravaganza”, 2005’s “Fire & Ice Extravaganza – Special Edition” and video trailers for TR 2005 and 2013. We’re all, of course, waiting in high anticipation for the release of the next full-length feature documentary, expected in May 2014. Congratulations to Krangis as the 5th recipient of this coveted award!

A short time later, Scott addressed attendees one more time with a shocking announcement that Nutz’s infamous demerit had finally been lifted! As the one and only demerit issued in Serb Fest history, it has been a cloud hanging over Nutz’s legacy for over a decade. In addition to the numerous reasons for Nutz having earned the 2011 Golden Cevapcici Award, Nutz played a critical role in the persuasion of BS to alter has travel plans for the Summer of 2010 to attend TR. In this encouragement, Nutz clearly demonstrated a fundamental understanding of Rule #9 of the TR Code of Ethics – Memorial Day Weekend – Clear it for life… This year, he once again demonstrated loyalty to Serb Fest by making an abbreviated appearance with his family, including TR’s youngest attendee to date (surpassing the previous youngest attendee by a matter of 2 days), despite a family obligation Saturday afternoon. After weeks of indecisiveness over the confirmation of their attendance, it ultimately came down to the realization that “all matters of practicality fall away when it comes to TR” Having just completed his reign as Golden Cevapcici Award winner, it finally felt fitting that now was the appropriate time to lift the cloud and clear the asterisk from his name going forward.

We all now look ahead to TR 2014 as we hope to see the return of several regular attendees in Mike & Amy Z, Brian O’Kelly, Chuckles and Julia & Elmer Velasco.

Teta Cica
Crazy Dan
Deborah Boskovic
Danica Boskovic
Ivana Boskovic
Katherine, Allison & Luke McCleod
Monica Stevanovic
Eden Porsangi
Melissa Porsangi
Emma Loymann Russo
Igor Russo
Max Russo
Cica Daca    
Teta Lela    
Aleks Danilovic    
Scott Berger
16 (18)
Julie Berger
Grant Berger
Carter Berger
13 (14)
Julie L
Sara L
Jack L
Jimmy L
Brian Kelley
13 (14)
Jeff Heitzman
13 (14)
Infamous Demerit Lifted after 11 years
Amy Heitzman
Ethan Heitzman
Brian Crissie
13 (14)
Jeff Berger
11 (12)
Debuted new video Trailer for TR 2013.
Erin Berger
Eloise Berger
Hazel Berger
Rishi Loona
Dave R
Bryanne R
Adeline R
Louis R (Thor)
Erich Mann
Finally accepted invitation after 10+ years! Escaped Crazy Dan’s usual “initiation” antics.
Lauren Mann
XX (YY) :: XX Indicates # of trips to Serb Fest, YY Indicates total # of trips to Turkey Run
* Indicates a Demerit that has resulted in -1 Trips

"Equipment Failure? I have that problem when I drink too much!" - Rishi

"Dan, where'd you get this bread?" - CR
"Lalich" - Crazy Dan
"What? They said they didn't have any!" - CR
"Yeah! I bought 'em out!" - Crazy Dan

"That was a rough evening!" - Crazy Dan
"That was a rough evening for your sister too..." - BS
"Why?! What'd I do to her??" - Crazy Dan

"I feel partially like an irresponsible father, but mainly lke a happy one!" - Nutz

Jovan Zelenkovich Memorial Golden Cevapcici Award Jeff Berger Contributions in preserving the Legend of Turkey Run through the release of phenomenal documentaries.
Rookie of the Year Ethan Heitzman Hanging late night like a champ!
Cevapcici Consumption Award Scott Berger Exceptional enthusiam for consuming cevapcici, leading a resurgance in its popularity throughout the weekend.
Honorary Vince Kus Intellectual of the Year Award Max Russo Quick witted banter with the "adults"

[Left to Right] Brian Kelley, Craz Dan, Brian Crissie, Jeff Berger, Rishi Loona, Erich Mann, Jack L, OLAF (Jimmy L), Grant Berger, Scott Berger (Carter Berger), (Thor) Dave R, (Ethan Heitzman) Jeff Heitzman
Not Pictured: Luke McLeod

"Fireside Chat" - TR 2012

Never a dull moment at Serb Fest!

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Late night nap for Crazy Dan in the shelter.
BS kicks back in the shelter
Krangis is awarded the 2013 Golden Cevapcici Award
Grant kicks back, Serbian style...
Teta Lela gives Crazy Dan the evil eye after he likens his meat to.... his meat! BS looks on in amusement...
Crazy Dan and Cika Daca share a laugh
Rishi once again, mans the grill like a champ!
Ich, Krangis & Hazel enjoy Sunday afternoon
Nutz: Posterboy for PBR
The kids are inspired by the aura of the Golden Cevap Award!
A little competitive card game between the Serbs
I'll challenge anyone who claims Jovan wasn't with us in spirit. How else would you explain this?
The kids in particular were saddened by this news... The heavy flooding in April caused damage to the bridge. Its expected to be repaired will in advance of TR 2014!
Aleks and the kids take a 2 1/2 hike to what would have normally taken 20 minutes!
"White Precious"