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While Serb Fest Reunion 2005 may not quite have been the reunion we were expecting... it was no doubt another strong showing of the Serb regulars. The only real dissapointment was the cancelation of the attendance of Mr. & Mrs. Z at the 11th hour. And while Cika Bora may have been a bit more reserved than in years past, Cika Daca really stepped up and kept us all wildly entertained.

As for the rest of us, it was yet another year of strong growth and evolution. As we all know, we took an obvious step towards carrying on the all important tradition of TR being a true family affair. Being 12 strong, of course, yeilded another record number 850 cevapcici accompanied by 29 pounds of tomatos. Other incredible addtions to the legend of TR included the initiation of the Serbian Flag which will now fly proudly each year at TR, representing not only the heritage of the Serbs, but the great history of Serb Fest & TR. Also, we saw the initiation of the annual "Golden Cevapcici Award" which will no doubt become the most covetted of the awards given out each year at TR.

Of course, the greatest changes this year was the highly anticipated early arrival on Friday afternoon. The great success of this endeavor will no doubt make this the standard for future TR's. The only downfall to our early arrival was that it forced Chuckles & Rishi to arrive with the girls late Saturday afternoon and therefore missed the hike and the annual wife beater photo. Nonetheless though, despite the uncertainties by the time we all came together, TR 05 was destined to yet again live up to the anticipation.

John Zelenkovich
17 (18)
Initiated the Serbian flag which flew proudly over the grill site.
Scott Berger
8 (9)
Finally retired his hiking shoes which required duct tape since 2001.
Julie Walton
Initiated "Golden Cevapcici Award"
5 (6)
Initiated delegation of shopping responsibility.
Jeff Berger
5 (6)
Sharing multiple Brandys with Cika Daca
Brian Kelley
5 (6)
Jeff Heitzman
4 (5)*
Brian Crissie
Arrived late, but showed great dedication
Star of Fire & Ice Special Edition Bonus DVD
Charlie Ruiz
Rishi Loona
Once again worked the grill after night fall
Dave R

"Rick James, b*tch!" - Dave R (heard all weekend long)

"Scott, I'm depressed... I have nothing to live for 361 days of the year" - XX (post TR 05)

2005 Golden Cevapcici Award Jovan Zelenkovich Inaugural presentation of this award given for his lifetime acheivement of his display of the Tenets of Turkey Run.
Rookie of the Year Dave R Showed exceptional spirit & enthusiasm throughout the weekend...
Cevapcici Consupmtion Award Brian Kelley Consumed 25 in his first meal. Had nothing more to prove.
Intellectual of the Year Award Dave R For his deep singing in the bathroom of "Let my people go..." in an inebriated state of mind.
Member of the Council Jeff Heitzman  
Member of the Council Brian Crissie  


[Left to Right] Dave R, Scott Berger, N/A, Jeff Berger, Jovan Zelenkovich, OLAF, Jeff Heitzman, Brian Kelley.

Not Pictured :: Brian Crissie, Charlie Ruiz, Rishi Loona


Chuckles looks happy, doesn't he?! (L) :: Break time, to releive the bladders! (R)

No, Nutz is NOT dead...... (L) :: Another addition to TR, the 2nd generation boombox, though it's almost as old as Serb Fest itself! (R)

Cika Daca & Cika Bora look on as Jovan waves the Serbian Flag with pride. (L) :: Cika Daca shows great enthusiasm for his Brandy and proceeds to have Krangis drink half the bottle!














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Scott & Jovan stand with T@b in hand with the *Official* Turkey Run Cooler and the Zelenkovich van.
Yes, there were 29 pounds of tomatos at TR05. Impressive, I know..
OLAF watchest intently over the flaming grill with his red solo cup in hand.
Yet another fine display of teamwork by the men as they claim additional tables for the grill site.
Crazy Dan & Jovan pose in their indian head dresses as the Serbian flag waves in the wind beside them.
Nutz & Krangis beam while in the presence of a legend.
As the fire glows in the darkness, Rishi fulfills his duties of tending to the late night hunger of Turkey Run attendees.
Is it any surprise that cevapi is loved by men, women, & children of all ages??
A genuine tribute to OLAF. Still, nobody knows what in the h*ll OLAF was thinking when he posed for the photo that inspired this moment.
The group finds themsleves offroad.. and if you look closely, OLAF is on the verge of taking a nasty spill off the large tree trunk!
Nutz takes it in the face..
The Serbian flag blows proudly in the wind..