You’ve been invited to Serb Fest at Turkey Run State Park this Memorial Day Weekend…. Now what?

Turkey Run State Park is located in west/central Indiana, approximately 90 minutes east of Champaign, IL. The annual 40+ attendees range in age from 3 months to 80 years. The weekend focuses on an enormous amount of meat blazing about the grills of Turkey Run, the pleasure of good company and conversation, and of course, recreation. Most activities are usually situated around the grills and picnic tables adjacent to the Park’s tennis courts. The area allows for the group to spread out with room for children to run and plenty of space for a competitive and challenging game of Bocce Ball. A large covered shelter is also adjacent to the site often occupied by the group late at night or when rain forces the group under-roof. What allows for such a powerfully joyful time is the respect and adherence to the “Tenets of Turkey Run

Take a few moments to learn more about each Tenet below:


Turkey Run State Park is located at 8121 E Park Rd Marshall, IN 47859. While we’ve had attendees fly in from coast to coast to attend Turkey Run (TR), most make the drive from the Chicago area traveling through Champaign, IL (via I-57) before heading east (via I-74) to cross the border into Indiana. The home stretch of the drive on Route 41 (exit from I-74) is the most scenic portion of the drive. The winding, hilly road takes you past the once popular local flea market, frequently attended by First Generation attendees. You also cross over Sugar Creek at the home base for “Turkey Run Canoe Trips” (the once preferred rental company for our Sunday canoe/kayak trip - a switch was made to a local competitor in 2006 due to the competitor’s favorable alcohol policy). A sharp turn brings you by Jungle Park Flea Market – a great representation of the local lifestyle and flavor. You’ll soon come to the intersection of Route 41 and Route 47 for the final turn before reaching the State Park! A left hand turn brings you by the now defunct Cherokee Village Campground, origin of the famed Indian Head Dresses that get passed around each year. Several attendees have camped there, but on rare occasion – most notably, Scott Berger, in his first trip to Turkey Run in 1997 and the group in August 2001 at “Turkey Run Observed”. Finally, you pass Sugar Valley Canoe Trips and Dairy Bar and Turkey Run Jr/Sr High School, made famous in 2004’s “Fire & Ice Extravaganza” Documentary of TR 2003.

The entrance to Turkey Run State Park will be on your left AFTER the entrance for the Turkey Run Campground. From suburban Chicago, the drive is approximately 3 ½ - 4 hours or roughly the same amount of time it takes to watch Back to the Future & Top Gun back to back (a tradition for several Second Generation attendees in the late 1990’s/early 2000’s).


Fees to enter the park are $5 per vehicle for Indiana residents and $7 for non-residents. Your receipt will get you in and out for the day, or for most, your Turkey Run Inn room key will get you free re-entrance for the duration of your stay.

Save the following TR Arrival Guide to your phone prior to arrival. Please note: CELL SIGNAL IS WEAK at the park. Verizon has typically been a bit better than AT&T, but no carrier is completely reliable. The arrival guide will allow you to find our group as you enter the park. Particularly after dark, it can be a challenge to navigate if you don't know where you're going! We advise you to locate the group before attempting to check in to the Inn.



Turkey Run Inn, a historic lodge on the premises of the Park is where we call home for the weekend. You’ll either stay in the main building – more or less a traditional hotel, or in one of the cabins adjacent to the Inn. Each cabin building contains 4 rooms with two double beds and a bathroom. These rooms are slightly more rustic than those found in the Inn, Each of the rooms have a private entrance. Rooms can be adjoined upon request in pairs by shared doors between them. For your first year, it is likely that you will be inheriting a room previously reserved by another attendee. In general, rooms are reserved at TR Inn 2 years in advance. At some point, we hope you enjoy yourselves enough to want to commit to ongoing attendance. In any event, should you reserve 2 years in advance and are unable to attend, you have until 4 days prior to check-in to cancel for a full refund of your (1 night stay) deposit.

Turkey Run Inn includes a Game Room for kids, an indoor Swimming Pool, and a Restaurant. Most of the group enjoy breakfast at the restaurant Sunday morning prior to the canoe/kayak trip, though some stop in other mornings for a cup of coffee or quick breakfast. All other meals are enjoyed off the grill at one of Turkey Run’s many picnic/grill sites. The preferred grill site is a short walk from the Inn across a field and is located adjacent to tennis courts and a large covered shelter. In the event that this grill site is claimed early in the morning before someone in our group is able to do so, a nearby alternate site is chosen.




While we all consider one another family at Serb Fest, it is important to understand the origin from which attendees have come and the circle with which we are primarily associated. Every new attendee will fall into one of these Families/Groups depending on from whom you’ve received your invitation.

The Zelenkovich Family
While those originating from the Zelenkovich Family do not have the oldest ties to Serb Fest, they certainly represent the biggest network of friends and families in attendance today. Led by Second Generation attendee, Jovan Zelenkovich, son of 1985 first time attendees Predrag & Mila Zelenkovich, his friends and their families represent well over half of Serb Fest’s attendees. This group is responsible for much of the identity that Serb Fest has today – including many of its more recent traditions. Turkey Run Online also started in 2003 representing Serb Fest solely from their perspective. The website since then has attempted to become inclusive of all attendees equally, but significant evidence does remain of the original perspective (i.e. the “Overview” pages from 1996-2004, the TR High Council and the TR Code of Ethics).

“The Girls” (The Stevanovic Family)
This group is represented by Monica Stevanovic, daughter of Hall of Famers, Miomir and Zofia Stevanovic, who have been in attendance since the mid-1980’s. Monica has consistently had a small group of friends and their guests join her almost every year since the early 1990’s.

The Boskovic Family
Dating back to TR 1981, the Boskovic’s are responsible for quite a few past and present Serb Fest attendees. Hall of Famers, Cika Bora & Teta Cica have attended Serb Fest along with their children Dan, Katherine and Caroline consistently for over 30 years! Today Dan attends with a family of his own who often extend invitations to other extended family and friends of theirs to experience the Spirit of Turkey Run.

The Danilovic Family
Cika Daca, Teta Lela Danilovic and their daughter Aleksandra have been in attendance since 1979, longer than any other active Serb Fest attendees! While they have not often introduced new guests to Serb Fest in recent years, their attendance certainly has great influence on the pending attendance of other active First Generation, Hall of Fame attendees. Today they travel together in the Danilovic Family conversion van and are considered beloved fixtures at Serb Fest!


Many attendees arrive sometime between the hours of 5pm and 11pm on Friday night of Memorial Day Weekend. The evening’s activities focus on the grill and the first batch of cevapcici to come off of it. Time is spent getting to know new attendees, eating and drinking – more or less simply settling in to Turkey Run. Saturday morning includes breakfast off the grill and relaxing in the morning sun. You’re welcome to also enjoy any of the other activities/amenities of the Park. These amenities include Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Playgrounds, Pony Rides, Hay Rides, Nature Center, Swimming and the many Historic Sites on Park grounds. Visit for more information.

Most remaining attendees who were unable to come Friday will arrive Saturday in the late morning/early afternoon hours. At some point in the late afternoon, after most have arrived, someone will initiate a group hike that will be preceded by a traditional group “wifebeater” photo of the Second Generation guys. Following the hike, continued eating and drinking ensues. Many will enjoy lawn games and interaction with some of the First Generation “Hall of Famers” who are hopefully in attendance.

Sunday, as previously mentioned, starts with a (recommended) 9am breakfast at the Lodge. Interested attendees then depart for the canoe/kayak trip around 10:15am after reorganizing coolers and purchasing fresh ice from a nearby gas station. The 3 ½ mile trip leaves “Sugar Valley” around 11am. Please consult with the person or family from whom you’ve received your invite in regards to canoe/kayak rentals and reservations. Ultimately, rental fees are approximately $10/person for the trip. For those not making the trip, usually as a result of having to take care of children too small to sit in a canoe, “Sangria Sunday” was initiated in 2010, to help lift their spirits. Following the trip, eating, drinking, etc once again ensues for the remainder of the day. A 6pm group photo is attempted. Please make every attempt to be at the grill site prior to this time to be included in the photo. The group photo is quickly becoming tradition and one of the great legacies created by Serb Fest attendees each year.

While some wake up Monday morning and squeeze in one last rendezvous with the grill (particularly those who arrived Saturday), most are exhausted and ready to begin the sad trek home. Most can be found repacking their cars and saying goodbyes in the parking lot. With that, the weekend concludes and while enjoying the newly created memories, anticipation begins mounting for the following year’s Memorial Day Weekend!


As far as food, drink and supplies are concerned, we have developed a system of shared responsibility for certain items while leaving attendees plenty of room to tailor the menu to their liking. Count on all food prep/storage/waste items to be available for communal use. Certain menu items, most notably, the Serbian cuisine will also be provided for communal consumption. Burgers & Hotdogs (as well as BBQ Pulled Pork on Sunday) are typically available for communal consumption as well. Chicken, Brats, other Sausages, and side dishes/snacks/desserts - we advise you to bring on your own. Of course, we always encourage bring a bit extra to share. We typically ask every adult to bring at least one case of cheap beer - Again, more is always encouraged. You are free to bring whatever else you’d like.

Approximately 2 weeks prior to the weekend, a shopping list is distributed by Scott Berger, the event’s chief organizer. This list includes delegation of responsibility for the communal food/drink/supplies as well as a list of other recommended items to serve as a guide for your shopping. In the event that you are flying to attend your first Serb Fest, arrangements may be made with other attendees to provide all your food & drink in the event that shopping and packing your own cooler is a hardship.

In addition to food, pack clothing and personal affects as you deem necessary. Keep in mind you’ll want to pack clothes and shoes appropriate for hiking. You'll likely get wet and muddy. You’ll want to pack some sort of aquatic shoes or sandals for the kayak trip. Bug spray and sun block are recommended. The night air often gets chilly. Keep an eye on the weather report or the daily updates from the TR Online and Facebook and be sure to pack jeans and a jacket. Anything else to keep you, your significant other, and/or you kids entertained – Bring it! Remember, if you have any questions in regards to what may or may not be appropriate, please don’t hesitate to ask! 630-209-1503 (text)


On the surface, it’s hard to see Serb Fest as much more than a “glorified, weekend-long barbeque”. But considering the great History, Tradition and Spirit of Serb Fest, it’s easy to argue that the weekend is so much more! Its greater than a sizzling grill, or a cold beer. Its greater than any one attendee. Its greater than a State Park in the middle of Indiana. It’s an annual cross-generational gathering of great friends and family. It’s a celebration of a culture that many of us have no real ties to, but somehow adopt as our own for one weekend a year. It’s a respect and appreciation for those that started this great tradition over 40 years ago! It’s an opportunity to share something special with our children and have them carry on later in their lives. It’s more than a barbecue. It’s Turkey Run!



Ziveli (zjee-ve-lee) Cheers/Let’s live long!
Cika (chee-kah) Translates to an informal Mr. in English – precedes one’s first name (Cika Bora)
Teta (teh-tah) Translates to an informal Ms. In English – precedes one’s first name (Teta Lela)
Cevapcici (che-vahp-chee-chee) A Serbian meat – mixture of lamb & beef – served at Serb Fest
Pljeskavica (pee-yes-cah-veet-za) A patty made from cevapcici with diced jalepeno and onion – a Serbian hamburger
Ajyvar (eye-var) A Serbian roasted red pepper spread
Kajmak (khi-mock) Best described as a hybrid of Serbian butter & cream cheese
Slivovitz (schleev-o-veetz) Plum Brandy - National drink of Serbia (also known as “Holy Water”)


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