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Aside from the obvious and expected success of TR each year, one can hardly expect to have the incredible summer-like weather that we saw throughout the entire weekend this year! Attendees hardly needed so much as a sweatshirt at night as late-night temperatures leveled out near 70 degrees. While it was admittedly hot in the afternoon hours, it was hard to complain as the sun reflected off our backs during the Sunday afternoon Kayak trip! Attendees certainly returned to work a shade or two darker than they left prior to TR! With another 40+ in attendance and the rapidly growing Third Generation of children attending, the great Spirit surrounding everyone was infectious!

TR 2010 continued the recent growth trend in attendance despite the absence of several key attendees. With Feces Mike and his wife Amy returning, along with new attendees Tripp Charvett, Becky Libby, Brian O’Kelly, and the McCleod Family, Serb Fest was very well represented. While Emma & Eden both arrived late, Monica brought friends Julie & Nicole, one a first time attendee and the other a previous attendee.

Of course, who could ignore the impressive presence of the rapidly growing Third Generation? First time attendees Grant Berger, Anna Z and Luke & Allison McLeod joined OLAF’s and Crazy Dan’s children forming what is sure to become a tight bond as years go by. Grant & Sara had the pleasure of accompanying the adults on the Saturday afternoon hike and for the first time in history, the Second Generation s The opportunity to meet wives and infants of the first time fathers at the midway point of the kayak trip was greatly appreciated and a time for them to reflect on what the future holds for their children and their future roles at Serb Fest. This will be a feeling sure to be shared by more Second Generation men in upcoming years! Pony rides are coming, gentlemen! We are experiencing again, continued evolution of our great weekend – but now having come full circle with TR’s First Generation – we are now truly following in their footsteps with children of our own to spread the Legend to!

While anticipation for the upcoming year’s Serb Fest historically starts as you exit Turkey Run State Park for the final time each Memorial Day Weekend, this year, anticipation mounted in unprecedented fashion - midway through the weekend amidst a discussion with Cika Daca regarding the history of Serb Fest. While not only confirming that in his recollection, Serb Fest has been in existence since *at least* 1973 (four years prior to the previously assumed 1977), Daca proposed the brilliant idea of pulling together a fund to fly Teta Zora in from Florida to attend TR 2011! Cika Daca, Teta Lela and Teta Cica all collaborated to identify a great number of past First Generation attendees who appeared in a series of historic photos that Scott had printed and brought to TR for that very purpose. While some of the Second Generation’s senior-most attendees have had a firmer grasp on Serb Fest’s history, TR Online was thrilled to receive clarification that “Abe Lincoln” and his wife were not alone in their founding of Serb Fest. They were joined by Teta Zora and her late husband, Cika XXXXX. It is with this newly found knowledge that we at TR Online are happy to announce their induction into the 2010 Class of the Turkey Run Hall of Fame! They most certainly deserve to be mentioned among the greats that we’ve all come to respect and adore so greatly!

That being said, everyone was in great support of bringing Teta Zora back to Turkey Run in 2011! And with the expected return of the Hall of Famers Predrag & Mila Zelenkovich as well as the R’s, Charlie Ruiz and Rishi Loona, TR 2011 is sure to be monumental! To all considering first time attendance in 2011, don’t miss your chance to be a part of this historic weekend!

Getting back on track – TR 2010’s delegation of shopping responsibilities appeared to be a complete success resulting in simplicity and near elimination of debt settlement (those who owe Nutz a monetary contribution towards the purchase of Serbian Food, please be sure to arrange payment ASAP!) Rookies Tripp Charvett and Brian O’Kelly battled for Rookie of the Year and while both respectably contributed to the Spirit of Turkey Run, much of the group agreed that O’Kelly’s youthful attitude through Sunday afternoon’s Beer Float was enough to earn him Rookie of the Year honors! We look forward to his return as well as to Tripp and Becky’s return for years to come! The 2010 Honorary Vince Kus Intellectual of the Year Award goes to FM, who played a significant role in a Saturday late-night conversation resulting in his nickname being upgraded to “BM”. While this may not be representative of his *actual* personal interests or preferences, the discussion was entertaining to say the least! We’ll leave the details to legend, to be repeated (only verbally) through anecdote for years to come.

Teta Cica
Crazy Dan, Debra, Danica & Ivana Boskovic
Katherine Boskovic
Heather Gerum
Katherine & Hans, Allison & Luke McCleod
Monica Stevanovic
Emma Loyfman & Guest
Eden Porsangi
Julie & Nicole
Cica Daca & Teta Lela    
Aleks Danilovic    
John Zelenkovich
23 (24)
Stephanie Bennett
Scott Berger
13 (15)
Julie Berger
Grant Berger
2010 Cevapcici Consumption Award
10 (11)
Julie L
Sara L
Jack L
Brian Kelley
10 (11)
Jeff Heitzman
9 (10) *
Amy Gabler
Brian Crissie
10 (11)
Evelyn Fernandez
Jeff Berger
9 (10)
Returned after a 1 year hiatus. Began filming for "Serb Fest" DVD - 2012
Erin Berger
Mike Z
Returning after a 1 year hiatus due to the birth of their daughter.
Amy Z
Returning after a 1 year hiatus due to the birth of their daughter.
Anna Z
Tripp Charvatt
Recruited by Jovan Zelenkovich & Stephanie Bennett
Becky Libby
Recruited by Jovan Zelenkovich & Stephanie Bennett
Brian O'Kelly
2010 Rookie of the Year
XX (YY) :: XX Indicates # of trips to Serb Fest, YY Indicates total # of trips to Turkey Run
* Indicates a Demerit that has resulted in -1 Trips

"Let's get shitty!" - Mike Z

"This place beats Martha's Vinyard any day!" - Katherine Boskovic

"AHHHAHAHA" - Dan Boskovic

The Quote of Quotes :: The scene is Friday night a little after dusk. Most of us were huddled around the tables and grill around our usual picnic area. The ranger's truck rolled by slowly as is usual for this time of night. He came out and walked slowly over to the group asking how we were doing / where we are staying / etc... basically trying to get us to clean up and head out for the night. This would have been particularly problematic since we had just fired up the grill and were ready for a long opening night of catching up. We responded back saying that we were staying at the Inn. This was apparently the right answer since he said he would have to kick us out otherwise.

At this point the tide turned. Someone, I believe Monica (check my facts), said that we had been coming here for years and knew the drill. The ranger said "yeah, I've heard that one before". Then he paused almost as if thinking to himself and said, "Hey, wait a second. Are you part of that big group?" At this point I jump in and say something to the extent of "Maybe." You have to realize that, at this point, we had no reason to think we were the "big group". He asked the name of our group. I hesitated for a second and said "Zelenkovich?" He responded with "Hmm, yeah. That might be right." I tried again with "Boskovic". The ranger lit up and said "Yeah! That's the group." Needless to say, from the point on, he lit up and was a much happier camper! The ranger then said that Dan had called the Inn earlier that week to reserve rooms for 2012. The night Dan called, he had a few to drink and was making Dan-like banter with the Inn receptionist, a guy named Trevvor (with two "V"s). Dan asked for a discounted rate on account of our coming to TR for "30 years". Trevvor said he'd look into it. Then Dan said we were a big deal and mentioned the website. Said "you got a computer? punch it in.". Trevvor did, and was immediately dumbstruck. Apparently this was such a big deal that Trevvor showed his coworkers the website the following day, which included the park ranger. The rest is history.

One quick potential hiccup during this whole thing, the ranger said "my favorite thing on the website was the part about the white trash." This is the point where things could have taken a turn for the worse (did the ranger think we were saying all Indiana locals were WT?). So there I was, working the grill while wearing my beater and said "yeah, seems like you get all kinds of people crawl out of the woodwork during race weekend." Apparently this was again the right answer because the ranger just laughed, agreed and left us to grill for the rest of the night. We of course offered him any cevapcici throughout the rest of the weekend. Sadly, he never accepted. He did, however, give us some inside intel that the main shelter wasn't reserved the next night and we could probably get it if we showed up early.

Rookie of the Year Brian O'Kelly Voted on unanimously mid-Sunday after vowing to "boot" later that night.
2010 Cevapcici Consumption Award Grant Berger Showed exceptional enthusiasm in experiencing his first ever cevap.
Honorary Vince Kus Intellectual of the Year Award Mike Z Awarded for his participation in a late night conversation that also earned him another nickname - "BM"

[Left to Right] (Luke McCleod), Hans McCleod, Dan Boskovic, Brian Kelley, Scott Berger (Grant Berger), Tripp Charvett, Jovan Zelenkovich, Jeff Heitzman, Jeff Berger, Brian O'Kelly, Brian Crissie, Feces Mike, OLAF, (Jack L)



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42 strong. Serb Fest is a success!
Jovan & Steph take a moment with friends, Tripp & Becky.
Beer Float Intermission
A breather during the "intense" hike...
The ladies, once again going above and beyond!
Relaxing in the hot Turkey Run sun!
Third Generation kids getting a taste of hiking at TR!
Perhaps the greatest moment of his young life, Grant's first taste of cevapcici...
Hall of Famers
Mike Z with daughter Anna
2010 Rookie of the Year
Ziveli! A round of Slivo for everyone!