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Mike made his TR debut in 2008 and captured Rookie of the Year honors. His quick witted humor worked well within the group and managed to nickname himself "FM" within hours of the start of the weekend. (Of course, those of us who were there know what "FM" stands for; and for those of you who don't know, listen closely to some of the late night Serb Fest folklore next year and you'll surely find out. It's no coincidence that this also occurred after consuming several beers with Crazy Dan. After a year off in 2009, Mike and his family returned in 2010 and picked up where he left off, adding an unusual, but much appreciated brand of humor to any conversation. While in 2008 he came away being nicknamed "Feces Mike", 2010 yeilded an even more eyebrow raising nickname - "BM" (Again - reference TR folklore). Folks - pay attention - this is how you secure back to back Intellectual of the Year honors!


Family :: Amy Z (Wife), Anna Z (Daughter), Kate Z (Daughter)

Rookie of the Year :: 2008
Honorary Vince Kus Intellectual of the Year Award
:: 2010
Honorary Vince Kus Intellectual of the Year Award:: 2011

Giving himself the nickname "Feces Mike" after consuming several beers with Crazy Dan on night 1 of TR 08 and having no idea why the next morning. - 2008
Introduced Stroh's to the Beer Line-up - because of course, it's the perfect Summer beer! Stroh's is Shorts spelled backwards! -2008
Shattering a Corona bottle outside of Turkey Run Inn at 2am Friday night. -2008
Going for "Ice Cream" with Crazy Dan - 2010

"Stroh's is the perfect Summer beer! Stroh's is Shorts spelled backwards!" - 2008
"Let's get shitty!" - 2010
"So your sack no longer looks like the bottom of a shrimping boat?" - 2011

"Oh my God, we're running late [for the Wife Beater Photo]... They're gonna kill us!" - FM
"Eh... if they're pissed just tell them we had sex and I bought you ice cream" - Crazy Dan
- 2011

"C'mon kids, watch me pitch a tent..." - 2011




























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Serb Fest Orgin ::
Zelenkovich Family
First Serb Fest :: 2008
Recruited By :: Scott Berger | Julie Berger

Nickname :: FM | B

Trips to Serb Fest ::
3 (2008, 2010, 2011)