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With the close of TR 09 and another decade of Serb Fests behind us, our generation finally has a full decade on which we can reflect. Since TR 2000, we’ve seen tremendous growth in our group, the fall of Serb Fest, the rebirth of Serb Fest, and as of TR 09, I truly feel that we’re seeing Serb Fest beginning to reach levels it once enjoyed in its heyday a generation before us. As TR 09 came to a close, I reflected on the incredible evolution that is continuing to take place in front of our very eyes. It’s amazing that what seems like only a few short years ago, it was still argued by some that TR was a “guys weekend” and today, the guys were damn near outnumbered by women and children! Yes, we’re witnessing the group once considered to be the “kids” finally growing up. Yes, a considerable amount of drinking and debauchery still ensued, but at the same time you saw men tending to their significant others and even taking a blissful hayride with the family through the parking lots of Turkey Run State Park. Perhaps you’ll once again find some of us migrating towards the Pony Rides in the not too distant future.

While we missed Emma, Krangis & Erin Berger, Mike & Amy Z, and due to a last minute cancelation, Erich Mann, Serb Fest had perhaps it’s highest overall attendance figures in nearly 2 decades! With nearly 40 people in attendance, most bringing food of their own and plenty to share, we found ourselves overwhelmed with food! The girls had a strong showing, with the addition of several new attendees. We were also blessed to have Mr. & Mrs. Zelenkovich join us at TR 09 for the first time since 2006. Nothing says Serb Fest spirit like witnessing on separate occasions, Mrs. Z singing and dancing along to “The Wine Song”, a track from 2008’s “Serb Fest Collection - Volume I” audio release, and Mr. Z joyfully singing along to “Papa Loves Mambo” from the “Fire & Ice Extravaganza” soundtrack while piling his plate full of food. It’s these moments that define what today’s Serb Fests are all about and prove that these annual festivities truly transcend generations.

The weather was exceptional for the majority of the weekend and while Monday morning’s traditional breakfast barbeque was rained out, it led to a unique gathering in the parking lot while everyone sorted and repacked coolers and belongings while also allowing everyone to say proper goodbyes. It also set the stage for the presentation of 2009’s Golden Cevapcici Award to Charlie Ruiz following an emotional introduction by Scott Berger. As the first non-Founding Member recipient of the award, Chuckles has proven to be more than worthy of the award despite a 3 year absence from TR. Let his spirit be an inspiration to all!

Teta Cica
Crazy Dan, Debra, Danica & Ivana Boskovic
Katherine Boskovic
Caroline Boskovic & Ally
Monica Stevanovic
Emma Loyfman
Eden Porsangi
Cica Daca & Teta Lela    
Aleks Danilovic    
Predrag & Mila Zelenkovich
John Zelenkovich
22 (23)
Stephanie Bennett
Scott Berger
12 (14)
Julie Berger
Being pregnant & sober
9 (10)
Participated in the Turkey Run Hayride
Julie L
Sara L
Jack L
First Male attendee of the next generation!
Brian Kelley
9 (10)
Jeff Heitzman
8 (9) *
Amy Gabler
Brian Crissie
9 (10)
Evelyn Fernandez
Rishi Loona
Dave R
Flipping Jovan's chair after a game of "Pass Out"
Bryanne R
Charlie Ruiz
Received the Golden Cevapcici Award
XX (YY) :: XX Indicates # of trips to Serb Fest, YY Indicates total # of trips to Turkey Run
* Indicates a Demerit that has resulted in -1 Trips

(Julie carries 2 large bags of ice out of the liquor store)
"Man, she's awfully strong!" - Store Check-out Clerk
"Hell Yeah! And she's pregnant!" - Scott Berger

"We bought so much beer, the lady gave us 'road sodies'!" - Rishi Loona

"Dan wakes up Rated R and goes to bed Rated X" - Brian Kelley

"Dress up in black latex and whack him good!" - Crazy Dan

"You can't get pregnant when you're pregnant!" - Julie Berger

"Rishi and BS are 2 peas in an idiot pod!" - Jovan

2010 Golden Cevapcici Award Charlie Ruiz  
Honorary Vince Kus Intellectual of the Year Award Jovan Zelenkovich  


[Left to Right] Brian Crissie, Rishi Loona, Scott Berger, Jovan Zelenkovich, Dave R, Brian Kelley, Dan Boskovic, Charlie Ruiz, Jeff Heizman



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A few of the guys pay hommage to a classic moment in Serb Fest history.
OLAF's son quickly learns that he will follow in his father's footsteps
Mr. Z tending to the grills.
Mrs. Z gives us some insight on why Jovan is the way he is...
Several of the Men take a moment with Mr. Z & Cika Daca to show off their new High Life sweatshirts.
She may be cute, but in this moment, she's a little camera shy ladies & gentlemen. It's nice to know she'll have this in her Serb Fest portfolio for the rest of her days!
This photo hardly does the scene justice.... what seemed like an endless sea of lawn chairs and coolers.
The kids on the shore of Sugar Creek
I have no explanation for this....