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TR 2006 proved that Serb Fest is as vibrant as ever! This of course, was due largely in part by the strong showing of Hall of Famer's. With the return of Mr. & Mrs. Z. it brought the Hall of Famer attendee total to 6 - the strongest turn out since TR 2002! Overall attendance figures were unconfirmed, but believed to be at approximately 37-40! While our group suffered a decline in attendance due to OLAF's perfect batting average and a few last minute cancelations, let's applaud Serb Fest's youngest generation! - Tripling their numbers getting them to 3 attendees! The addition of Jovan's nephews Joe & Nick Taylor gave them the opportunity to begin the journey that their Uncle Slobo began some 20 years ago! We all welcome them to continue coming to Serb Fest year after year! That is, after all, how the tradition of Serb Fest will be upheld.

TR 2006 yeilded plenty of memerable moments thanks again to the undisputed most controversial individual ever to attend Serb Fest..... none other.. than XX. His antics included, but was not limited to, baring all after hours in the life gaurd chair at the pool, and nearly earning the second ever demerit issued in TR history. This of course, stirred quite a debate regarding not only the direct defiance of a founding member, but much more importantly, disrespecting a fellow attendee. Due to the healthy debate thet ensued, the final ruling did not occur until well after the end of TR 2006, but the ruling was against issuance of the demerit. The details of the incident are too lengthy for me to include in this summary, but rest assured that they will live on in the legend of TR and the story will be passed along through future generations.

Cika Bora & Teta Cica
Crazy Dan, Debra, Danica & Ivana Boskovic
Katherine Boskovic
Caroline Boskovic
Heather Gerum
Monica Stevanovic
Emma Loyfman
Eden Porsangi
Cica Daca & Teta Lela    
Aleks Danilovic    
Predrag & Mila Zelenkovich
Joe & Nick Taylor
John Zelenkovich
17 (18)
Scott Berger
9 (11)
Julie Walton
Jeff Berger
6 (7)
Brian Kelley
6 (7)
Put on injured reserve for sprained ankle less than an hour into TR 06.
Jeff Heitzman
6 (7)*
Brian Crissie
"Big Foot" at the pool.
Dave R
Gained General Participant status.
XX (YY) :: XX Indicates # of trips to Serb Fest, YY Indicates total # of trips to Turkey Run
* Indicates a Demerit that has resulted in -1 Trips

"The Chinaman isn't the issue!"- Jovan

"Smoking will turn your lungs black" - Nick [response] "Don't smoke pole kid"- Brian Kelley

"We've got the hicks licked on this one!" - Crazy Dan

"Hit that thing... hit it hard!" - XX

Rookie of the Year Joe Taylor Held his own with the "big kids"
Cevapcici Consupmtion Award Jovan Zelenkovich Strong showing during the first round of eating.
Intellectual of the Year Award Nick Taylor See adjacent photo
General Participant Status Dave R  


[Left to Right] Jeff Berger, N/A, Brian Crissie, Scott Berger, Jovan Zelenkovich, Jeff Heitzman, Dave R, Brian Kelly (INJ).






















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It may not be outside of Burger King, but the tradition lives on....
The Serb Flab waves in the breeze.
Krangis & Scott in a post-hike photo.
Cika Bora doing what he does best.. and doing it comfortably....
This may be perhaps the greatest pile of meat to ever sit atop the grills at Turkey Run! Courtesy of course, of Crazy Dan....
Again, following in his Uncle's footsteps, Joe recreates a photo Jovan took 20 years ago.
Jovan is no stranger to having issues with the picnic benches at Turkey Run.
Jovan helps himself to a serving or two of potato salad courtesy of Teta Cica.
This photo undoubtably earned young Nick Taylor the "Intellectual of the Year" award for 2006. Notice the deep conversation as Nick dictates to the Founding Members.
Late night antics ensue...