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While unconventional on several counts, TR 2011 was certainly no stranger to one thing – SUCCESS!! Even prior to the weekend, we learned that a Serb Fest institution, DSD Delicatessen had recently closed for an indefinite period of time forcing the group to go with an alternate supplier for their beloved Serbian cuisine. The experience was exciting to say the least as relayed by Nutz. He was given a full tour of the deli and was even able to capture a story on video from one of the employees in which she describes a memory she had of Jovan from when he was only 7 years old (shortly after his first trip to Turkey Run)! And to our relief, the cevapcici, while a bit different, was still damn tasty!

With many “marching to the beat of their own drum” over the course of the weekend, it left many with the perception that attendance was down this year. However, believe it or not, it appears we actually set a modern Serb Fest attendance record with 45 attendees! And that’s without several regular attendees in the mix!

Upon arrival Friday evening, while the group normally finds a desolate Turkey Run State Park, the shelter adjacent to our normal grill site was being set up for a Wedding Rehearsal dinner. Being the considerate wife-beater-wearing folks that we are, we elected to move our gathering to an alternate location for the evening – a small shelter off the trail to the suspension bridge. With light, electricity and plenty of space for the Friday night group, this turned out to work PERFECTLY! So much so that most agreed that this should become standard procedure for future Friday nights!

The unconventional nature of the weekend continued on Saturday as the men never actually got around to taking their annual hike. The annual pre-hike wife beater photo was however still taken! Call it a result of our aging bodies or a result of the increasing number of young children running around, but the opportunity never seemed to present itself to get the men together and motivated to head into the woods. Few, if any, seemed to miss it. But that’s not to say that the tradition will not resurrect itself in the future.

Sunday morning, after all of the hoopla surrounding the new alcohol policy on Sugar Creek, due to high water levels, trips were only running on a restricted basis. The group collectively decided to forgo this tradition as well and immediately moved to grilling and drinking. Somehow yet again, despite omitting a major Serb Fest event didn’t seem to have much of an impact on the group’s moral. Good time continued!

TR2011 hosted several new attendees and once again, continued growth of third generation attendees! Many spent a great deal of time chasing around their young, but their smiles and laughter made the effort worth it. You could see their passion for Turkey Run blossoming in front of your very eyes.

Usual late-night antics ensued each of the 3 nights. Sunday’s late night gathering was kicked off by Scott & Jovan’s presentation of the coveted 2011 Golden Cevapcici Award to Mr. Jeff Heitzman. His history with modern day Serb Fest including his witnessing of the infamous TR 1999, his coining of the term “Fire & Ice” in 2003 and his recent willingness to enthusiastically take over the responsibility of securing the weekend’s Serbian food made him a deserving recipient! We congratulate him on his achievement and place in Serb Fest history!

Teta Cica
Crazy Dan
Deborah Boskovic
Danica Boskovic
Ivana Boskovic
Monica Stevanovic
Eden Porsangi & Guest
Julia Gorelik
Elmer Ceren
Nicole Pisani & Guest
Shelly Stewart, Ryland Stewart, Sister & Parents
Cica Daca & Teta Lela    
Aleks Danilovic    
John Zelenkovich
24 (25)
Stephanie Bennett
Scott Berger
14 (16)
Julie Berger
Grant Berger
11 (12)
Julie L
Sara L
Jack L
Approached Amy Heitzman with a beer and a room key
Brian Kelley
11 (12)
Jeff Heitzman
10 (11) *
Amy Heitzman
Brian Crissie
11 (12)
Recreated “The Last Supper” for a photo op on Friday night, named “The First Supper”
Evelyn Fernandez
Rishi Loona
Persevered through 2 canceled flights to make it to TR
Dave R
Bryanne R
Adeline R
Mike Z
Amy Z
Anna Z
Dan W
2011 Rookie of the Year - Recruited by OLAF & Julie
Rachel W
Recruited by OLAF & Julie
XX (YY) :: XX Indicates # of trips to Serb Fest, YY Indicates total # of trips to Turkey Run
* Indicates a Demerit that has resulted in -1 Trips

"John, its as if you just peed there" - Brian Kelley (In reference to John hanging the Serbian Flag)

"So your sack no longer looks like the bottom of a shrimping boat?" - Feces Mike (to Crazy Dan)

"Paloma? That's a classy name for a trashy drink..." - Scott Berger

"If I were a stripper, my name would be CocoNutz" - Amy Heitzman

"C'mon kids, watch me pitch a tent..." - Feces Mike

"Oh my God, we're running late [for the Wife Beater Photo]... They're gonna kill us!" - Feces Mike
"Eh... if they're pissed just tell them we had sex and I bought you ice cream" - Crazy Dan

"You are such a disappointment" - Amy Heitzman
"Wow! I've never heard that first thing in the morning!" - Crazy Dan

"...and they erased the pictures!" - Crazy Dan
"So you say aliens took your phone?" - Distant Voice
"No man, Austrians, but I'm pretty sure they were aliens too!" - Crazy Dan

Rookie of the Year Dan W Secured with his consumption of a bottle of Wild Irish Rose (generously contributed by Crazy Dan)
Most Improved Award Brian Kelley Showed several moments of contribution to the group including the supply and preparing of his wildly popular Korean Shortribs, dragging a cooler of beer closer to several guys on Sunday afternoon and even slicing tomatoes!
Honorary Vince Kus Intellectual of the Year Award CO-Recipients:
Feces Mike
Crazy Dan
Awarded for their consistently humorous but sometimes disturbing interaction between one another
2011 Golden Cevapcici Award Jeff Heitzman Lifetime Achievement

[Left to Right] Jeff Heitzman, Brian Kelley, Elmer Ceren, Jovan Zelenkovich, Dave R, OLAF, Dan W, Jack L, Mike Z, Scott Berger, Grant Berger (Ivana Boskovic), Crazy Dan, Brian Crissie
Not Pictured: Rishi Loona

"The First Supper" - Friday Night, TR 2011


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BS, kickin back....
BS prepares his wildly popular Korean Shortribs as Rishi & Dave look on.
The kids get out of the sun and enjoy the tent
Classic Serb Fest imagery!
Jovy's makeshift bib
Crazy Dan feeds cevap to a friendly raccoon
Grant kicks back, BS style....
Rookie of the Year gets approval from Crazy Dan after consuming his Wild Irish Rose
Sunday evening hay ride!
2011 Golden Cevapcici Award presentation
Julie, Elmer and Monica huddle around the grill while staying out of the rain.