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2002 was a strong year for TR, despite Jeff Nutsack's forgetfulness. There was a slight road bump to start the weekend with the discovery that Olaf had forgotten the Bocce, but he redeemed himself by purchasing a new set for TR. 2002 was also a special year, as the kids were able to take the Zelenkovich van, normally guarded tightly by Mr. Z. It would eventually prove to be the one and only year this would happen, as in 2003, the van was in Florida. It was also this year that we were able to realize our true appreciation for the elders and all of us were sure to take notes to ensure a smooth transition to the next generation.

John Zelenkovich
16 (17)
Took over driving duties in the Zelenkovich Van with his parents unable to attend.
Scott Berger
5 (7)
Duct taped his hiking shoes.
3 (4)
Forgot the Bocce
Brian Kelley
2 (3)
Jeff Berger
2 (3)
Brian Crissie
2 (4)
Jeff Heitzman
- 1
Forgot, went to Wyoming
XX (YY) :: XX Indicates # of trips to Serb Fest, YY Indicates total # of trips to Turkey Run


Left to Right] Brian Kelley, Scott Berger, Brian Crissie, OLAF, Jovan Zelenkovich, Jeff Berger



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Jovan pays tribute to his father as the kids were able to take the van to Turkey Run for the first time without him.
OLAF redeems himself after forgetting the bocce set.
Dan Boskovic gives a blow to the bull horn.
Eating was once again, the main event.
Cika Bora mans the grill as Jovan & Olaf looks on over a friendly game of chess
Cika Daca says farewell to a great weekend.
Crazy Dan says farewell to a great weekend.