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TR Observed 2001 resulted in the majority of the regular TR attendees missing the traditional Memorial Day Weekend trip due to an excursion in Western Europe. We all agreed that it would be a good idea to observe the weekend later that year in August. Since it was such short notice, we were unable to reserve cabins at TR one of the two nights, so Scott suggested Cherokee Village Campground, where he stayed during his first visit to Turkey Run in 1997. It was an abbreviated weekend beginning late Friday night and concluding Sunday afternoon, but it was most definately a success. Perhaps the greatest memory to come of this weekend was the initiation of Bocce Ball, now an essential component of TR.

John Zelenkovich
15 (16)
Scott Berger
4 (6)
Had great trouble finding Cherokee Village Campground at 2am.
2 (3)
Initiated Bocce Ball
Jeff Heitzman
2 (3)
Arrived late, no hard feelings
Brian Kelley
1 (2)
Jeff Berger
1 (2)
Brian Crissie
1 (2)
Steve Luke
0 (1)
Form fitting wife beater, Stole Krangis's iced tea.
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[Left to Right] OLAF, Steve Luke, Jovan Zelenkovich, Brian Kelley, Scott Berger, Jeff Berger

Not Pictured :: Jeff Heitzman



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Jovan wakes early Saturday morning at the campground to begin a busy, food-filled day.
Nutz shows his approval for the weekend's events thus far.
Krangis beams with excitement as he recieves yet another plate full of cevapcici from Jovan at the grill.
It was a tough weekend for Krangis as the sun and his wife beater got the best of him.
The beaters weren't the only things getting dirty this weekend.
Bocce Ball was well recieved by the group. Thanks to Olaf.