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To be completely honest with you, TR 2000 is the hardest for me to recall. I'd have to attribute this to the lack of photos to remind me of that weekend. The canoe trip was the most memorable event because of Olaf's antics. He started the trip partnered with Sean, but not long into the 15 mile trek, he realized that he had no business being in a canoe and demaned that he be partnered with either myself (Scott), or John, who were doing considerably better. As luck had it, I was the lucky winner who got to struggle the rest of the trip with Olaf.... oh well..... It was also an off year for hiking due to weather conditions. Heavy rains the week before TR made for extra muddy condtions, meaning that the level of difficulty for most climbs was much higher than normal. Despite the lack of clear vision of that weekend, I can say that a great time was had by all.

John Zelenkovich
Scott Berger
Got pissed cause he couldn't canoe
Jeff Heitzman
Brian Kelley
Sean Sullivan
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John, when did you get muscles? - Emma


It is with great regret that at this time, this is the only photo from 2000 to survive apparent misplacement.



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