TR 1980        
Now this is vintage! Over 25 years ago, and it's very apparant that they knew exactly what they were doing! Proof that the Legend of Serb Fest most definately reaches back into the 1970's!    


TR 1981        
Serbs gather outside of Turkey Run Inn for a discussion. The one and only Crazy Dan can be seen topless with his arms crossed in the center of the photo. This lengendary photo was recreated by attendees at TR 2008. (L) Serbian photo-op during the hike (R).    


TR 1982        
Here's a good looking group by today's TR standards.. you can be sure there are many more Serbs lurking around TR as this picture is taken... Abe Lincoln - the Grandfather of Serb Fest is pictured far right. (L). The Serbs gather around the fire and take the opportunity to dry their shoes. (R)    


TR 1983        
Another typical Serb Fest scene gathered around the picnic tables. (L) :: Careful guys! A little Serbian off-road hiking. (R)    


TR 1984        
PLEASE.... look closely... appreciate the incredible amount of meat you see in this photo! (L) :: The women prepare the side dishes over the classic red & white checked table cloth. (R)    


TR 1985        
A pivotal year indeed.... This marks a transition year in Serb Fest attendees. Most notably, this is the first year in which the Zelenkovich Family attends (minus a young Jovan who was in Yugo). (L) :: Check out Mr. Z. Do we see the resemblence to Jovan? Give it a few years. (R)    


TR 1986        
A young Jovan (right) stands over a blazing grill. Here, Jovan makes his historic 1st trip to Turkey Run indirectly and unknowingly affecting the rest of our lives forever. Who knew that such an innocent trip on Memorial Day weekend 20 years ago by a 6 year old could have such a significant impact on all of our lives? This of course begins the early weaving of the fabric and a parallel timeline that is to become today's Turkey Run... today's Fire & Ice Extravaganza... the future of Memorial Day Weekend at Turkey Run when the days of Serb Fest will rest in only rest in our memories.    


TR 1987        
A long lost photo, one the only known group photo from TR 1987 shows Monica's Dad and Cika Daca standing amongst a group of Serbs at the picnic table.    
1987 :: NO PHOTOS AVAILABLE        
TR 1988        
Yes indeed, Cika Daca has a full belly, Teta Lela loves it & a young Jovan looks on in admiration! (L) :: Can't pass up the pony rides at TR! (R) This of course if the first documented appearance of the rest of modern Serb Fest regulars. While it appears that many of the original attendees are still strong in numbers, a distinct transition is being made between those early attendees and those who have been able to stand the test of time.    
1989 remains the only year that it can be confirmed that an alternate site had to be chosen for Serb Fest. It seems that Turkey Run had gotten too popular and sold out of cabins & rooms at the Inn, so Devil's Lake was chosen as the alternate location. It was in 1989 that the Serbs begain reserving rooms at Turkey Run 2 years in advance.    
TR 1990        
Mr. Z and Cika Bora relax in their lawn chairs. Looks a lot like something you might find Scott & John doing during today's Turkey Runs. (L) :: Monica Dad, Mrs. Abe Lincoln & Jovan's parents pose for a photo behind the sacred grill. The grill shows noticably less age than what most of us are used to now a days (R). Here we have the first documented appearance of the Stevanovic Family - this of course is to assume Monica as well.    
TR 1991        
Another typical Serb Fest: coolers, lawn chairs, and clothes too "nice" for barbequeing in central Indiana.    
TR 1992        
The Serbs won't let weather ruin their good time! Nothing wrong with dinner in the shelter especially when you get a good strong fire burning!    
TR 1993        
A typical scene, now more than 15 years ago! On the left, you'll see a young Emma Loyfman in what is believed to be her first trip to Turkey Run. Her impressive history at Serb Fest was a little known secret until Monica uncovered these photos in 2009. (L) :: A young thirteen year old Jovan is seen walking by the end of the picnic table. It can be presumed that in these moments, visions of future Serb Fests may have been subconciously forming in the minds of these young attendees (R)    
TR 1994        
A small group photo amidst a light hike (L) :: Low & behold an early photo of Jeff Bott with Jovan proving that the non-Serbian male was actually introduced to TR two years prior than originally thought. Bott would make his final trip to TR in 1998 (Scott's 1st trip to Serb Fest) and in essence truly is the link between historic Serb Fests and what we all know Turkey Run to be today. (R)    
TR 1995        
Mr. Z & Abe Lincoln anchor this group shot (L). :: Look closely!! Yes, Abe Lincoln is indeed holding a video camera! If you, or anyone you know can get your hands on this elusive video footage, we would forever be in debt to you! Help us preserve the rich history of Serb Fest!! (R)    
TR 1996-1998 :: NO PHOTOS AVAILABLE        

1996 :: Jeff Bott makes his second trip to TR on record. This was originally thought to be the year in which Jovan introduced the first non-Serbian male to TR. While this was later proved to have occurred in 1994, because of the uncertainty surrounding non-Serbian male attendance in 1995, TR1996 is considered to be the official beginning of Jovan's invitation of non-Serbian males. Subsequently, this year would be marked the official beginning of the "Fire & Ice Extravaganza" after TR 2003.

1997 :: Scott makes his first trip to Turkey Run this summer with a group of High School friends who were looking to take a weekend camping trip together. Turkey Run State Park in something of an act of destiny was chosen out of a long list of potential destinations. The weekend was spent at Cherokee Village Campground just outside of Turkey Run. This of course influenced the group's choice of camping location at TR 2001 observed. Scott's familiarity with Turkey Run is what sparked the preverbial "Fire" that ignited the soon to be official, "Fire & Ice Extravaganza" - the younger generation's answer to the call of Serb Fest elders.

1998 :: For those of you unfamiliar with the story, in the spring of 1998, after the meeting and early development of friendship between Scott & Jovan.... Jovan had mentioned this "annual barbeque" that he and his family went to every Memorial Day weekend... When Turkey Run was mentioned, Scott immediately disclosed that he had been there less than a year earlier which in turn prompted Jovan to extend an invitation to Scott to make his return trip to TR. This of course was becoming tradition for Jovan to invite a friend or two to TR each year as he had in each of the prior 2 years. Shortly after accepting the invitation, Scott & Jovan recruited OLAF to attend along with the infamous then TR-veteran attendee, Jeff Bott. He proved to be the only link between early "Fire & Ice" years and the current group of attendees.

TR 1999        
Before piling into the Zelenkovich van to head down to Serb Fest, the kids pay respects to Mr. Z.'s cargo shorts rumored to be from the '70's - You notice that each of the kids are wearing cargo shorts in this photo. Clearly Mr. Z was far ahead of the times - an impressive feat.    
TR 2000 :: NO PHOTOS AVAILABLE        
TR 2001        
Teta Lela is certainly excited sporting the indian head dress... Daca flees the scene (L). Mr. Z enjoys a civap (R). While Jovan and the rest of the previously expected non-Serbian male attendees were celebration college graduation with a back-packing trip in Europe, Scott kept tradition alive by recruiting two new attendees (Krangis & Brian Crissie) to pack up a car, make the generation's first trip to DSD, and head down to Serb Fest to meet the rest of the Serb Fest regulars. It was to Krangis & CR that Mr. Z made the memorable declaration - "You know the rules... You eat, or you're out!". This of course would become the pillar on which today's Fire & Ice Code of Ethics stands. Sadly this would be Mr. & Mrs. Z's final trip to TR for a number of years.    
TR 2002        
A healthy group of Serb Fest attendees amidst one of the many long meals at TR (L). Cika Bora once again mans the secondary grill (R).    




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