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Turkey Run 1999 was perhaps the most dramatic and consequently the most memorable Serb Fests (for the select few of us who experienced it) in recent memory. With Olaf noticeably missing from the young group, Scott, Heitz-Nutz, & Dan F joined the Zelenkovich's at TR. Many important events occurred and many treasured traditions were born. In response to the incredible white trash (WT) noticed at Turkey Run, the group adopted "TR" as a commonly used acronym when referring to Turkey Run as we would similarly use "WT" when referring to White Trash. Of course, in addition to Dan's numerous near-death experiences, TR 99 also saw the initiation of the wife-beater & pre-hike wife beater photo, and the act of push-ups en-route to Turkey Run as a pseudo-warm-up.... It was a weekend like this that solidified the importance & significance of the weekend to the original attendees of present-day Serb Fest... this message would be spread to others and the weekend would continue to blossom in coming years.

John Zelenkovich
"Suck It" in sugar creek
Scott Berger
2 (3)
Won contest for holding breath under water
Jeff Heitzman
"Cruise-Nutz", Wore socks with sandals.
Dan F
Nearly loses his life 3 times: Almost fell off a cliff, nearly goes unconcious as he tried to beat Scott's winning time for holding your breath under water, and almost chokes to death attmepting to eat 2 twinkies under a minute.
XX (YY) :: XX Indicates # of trips to Serb Fest, YY Indicates total # of trips to Turkey Run

"Man... I feel like such a pud..." - Unknown White Trash


[Left to Right] XX, Scott Berger, Jeff Heitzman, Jovan Zelenkovich











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The group prepares for the weekend with a set of push-ups in the Zelenkovich driveway. To become a pre-TR tradition in years to follow.
A pre-departure photo-op with Mr. Z as a tribute to his fore-sight for cargo-shorts: the current style in 1999, but a staple in his wardrobe since the mid-seventies. Truly a man who knew where he was going.
Heitz-Nutz displays a great act of assistance for Scott in his dramatic quest for water.
Jovan flies into Sugar Creek to conlude an exhausting hike.
Heitz-Nutz flies into Sugar Creek to conlude an exhausting hike.
The fatigue shows in this rare post-hike beater shot.
A classic picture of Jovan and Scott before the Canoe trip at Turkey Run. Somehow it perfectly captures the spirit of TR.
The most memorable moment of TR '99 and the biggest scare in TR history, XX breathes a tremendous sigh of relief after he nearly loses his life. If not for the grip of his wife-beater, we may not have him with us today. Lets all take a moment and thank the powers above for our good fortune not only in that instance, but for every year at Turkey Run.