The Serb Fest Hall of Fame was introduced in 2003 at a time when today's generation believed that the days of sharing Memorial Day Weekend with the elder generation of Serb Fest attendees were likely behind them. And while their attendance resumed just one year later, there was a sense that the Serb Fest torch had been passed to the next generation, and in light of this, they felt it appropriate to honor those who established Serb Fest as the time-honored tradition that it remains today.

Uncertain of the future attendance of the newly inducted Serb Fest Hall of Famers, Jovan Zelenkovich offered up these words to the attendees of TR 2003 in the weeks leading up to the weekend. These words remain as relevent to today's Serb Fest almost a decade later.

"My father told me years ago that everything in the world changes except the stones on the ground, and those too change with time. It seems even our most sacred gathering has evolved over the years. I still remember being a skinny timid little kid holding a paper plate overflowing with cevapcici as the grown-ups sat around telling stories from years past. As some of you no doubt have heard by now, 2003 marks a transitional year for “Serb Fest”. For the first time, there will be no grown-ups in attendance. The heritage of Serb Fest is slowly transitioning into folklore known only to those who have experienced TR in years past. So the torch has been passed on to the next generation. This is a big responsibility but I feel we have what it takes to make those who came before us proud. Let us learn from their wisdom and live to tell our own stories."

Jovan - 2003

To the generation that started it all... Ziveli!

Mr. Z & Cika Bora looking on.
Photo break during a hike at TR 94 with the Zelenkovich's, Monica's Dad, Abe Lincoln & his Wife.
Group shot around the grill
Abe Lincoln holding a camcorder at TR 95 - a sign of things to come almost a decade later
Who's thirsty?
In a conversation unrelated to this photo, "I should put some clothes on" - Jovan "Why?" - Cika Bora
Serbian Pride

Nikola "Abe Lincoln" & Kaca Sorak :: Founding Members / Grandfather of Serb Fest

First Confirmed Serb Fest :: Mid-Late 1970's

Affectionately by today's attendees as "Abe Lincoln" for the resemblance of his facial hair to that of the Sixteenth President of the United States. He & his Wife gathered with a close group of Serbian friends at Turkey Run State Park to celebrate Memorial Day Weekend. The number of attendees in these early years is unconfirmed, but as the legend grew, so did the numbers. The weekend was an invitation only event for families.

These individuals are indeed responsible for the birth of our annual Memorial Day Weekend gathering at Turkey Run State Park, known as Serb Fest. They embodied every bit of the Serb Fest spirt that we all aspire to have. While few of Serb Fest's second generation attendees actually had the privelage of sharing TR with them, their influence and Abe's beard is LEGEND. Unfortunately, TR 1998 was their final trip to Serb Fest due to medical reasons.



Predrag & Mila Zelenkovich :: "Mr. & Mrs. Z"

First Serb Fest :: 1985
Recruited by :: "Abe Lincoln"

Family :: Jovan Zelenkovich (Son) Stephanie Bennett (Future Daughter in Law), Nick Taylor (Grandson), Joe Taylor (Grandson)

Serb Fest's impressive longevity well into the 21st Century can largely be attributed to these individuals. While their first year attending was nearly a decade into Serb Fest's existance (imagine that!), their fierce commitment to make the annual trip to Turkey Run every Memorial Day weekend with their son, Jovan is what inspired Jovan to continue their commitment into his adult life. In addition to their inspiring comittment was their allowing young Jovan to invite friends to TR, planting the seeds that would eventually blossom into today's core group of attendees.

Perhaps one of the most recognizable quotes in Serb Fest history was spoken by Predrag in 2001 to Scott Berger and a small group of new attendees, "You know the rules. You eat or you're out!". After 2002, their attendance has been limited to every 2-3 years, but regardless, their passion for TR is infectious whenever they're able to attend!


Bora & Lela Boskovic :: "Cika Bora & Teta Cica"

First Confimed Serb Fest :: 1981
Recruited by :: "Abe Lincoln"

Family :: Dan Boskovic (Son) Deb Boskovic (Daughter in Law), Catherine Boskovic (Daughter), Caroline Boskovic (Daughter), Danica Boskovic (Granddaughter), Ivana Boskovic (Granddaughter)

Cika Bora is LEGENDARY. Period. He and his wife Cica began attending in the early 1980's and have had the most consistent family presence at Turkey Run over the past 3 decades. Of course, what would you expect from the couple who brought the beloved "Crazy Dan" into the world? For years, Cika Bora could be found shirtless, in kahki pants sweating over a hot grill while Teta Cica relaxes in a reclining lawn chair in the shade.

Unfortunately, Cika Bora passed away in June 2008. Even as he neared the end of his days, he would assure those close to him that we would indeed be at the next Turkey Run to work the grill. These sentiments and his endearing passion for Turkey Run were shared with mourners at his wake by those who shared the weekend with him for so many years. Needless to say, he is missed, but in his memory, we honor him and his contributions to Serb Fest.


Daca & Cica Danilovic :: "Cika Daca & Teta Lela"

First Confimed Serb Fest :: Mid-1980's
Recruited by :: "Abe Lincoln"

Family :: Aleksandra Danilovic (Daughter)

Cika Daca, another true LEGEND of Serb Fest! He's often compared by today's generation as the "OLAF" of his generation. Daca is soft spoken, but never afraid to share a good glass of Brandy with you! Daca & Lela, with the exception of 2003 and 2008 have consistently attended TR since the mid-1980's. They've instilled their passion for TR in their daughter, Aleksandra, who has also been attending consistantly for much of her life. As with several of 2003's Hall of Fame inductees, their incredible committment to making the trip to TR year after year, is inspiring!


Miomir & Zofia Stevanovic :: "Monica's Parents"

First Serb Fest :: Mid 1980's

Family :: Monica Stevanovic (Daughter), Monica's Sister (Daughter) (Somebody help me on this one!)

While its been a decade since being regular attendees, one thing remains for certain.... Monica's Dad's Chicken is one of the most anticipated and sought after menu items of the weekend. Since his last attendance at TR, his daughter Monica has continued to deliver his signature marinated chicken legs. Of course, similarly to the Zelenkovich Family, the Stevanovic's are due credit of their own when it comes to the longevity of Serb Fest. Even prior to Jovan Zelenkovich inviting friends to Turkey Run, Monica set a precedent for her generation as she invited friend and now long-time-attendee, Emma Loyfman in as early as 1993. Monica's Mom made a shocking and unexpected abbreviated appearance for the latter half of TR 2008. While it had been several years since previously attending, a privileged few were able to share a moment with her that nearly brought her to tears as she shuffled through some historic photos that were floating around TR that year... Proof, of course, that TR holds a special place in our hearts.



Zora & Rade Vukadinovic :: Founding Members

First Serb Fest :: Mid-Late 70's

Through folklore, it was learned that Teta Zora and Cika Rade were among the first attendees of Serb Fest along with Abe Lincoln (Nikola) and his wife Kaca Sorak. It was rumored in the late 2000's that Zora was well and would consider a return to Turkey Run some day.




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