Turkey Run has long been driven by TRADITION. For Serb Fest’s First Generation, coming to Turkey Run meant fantastic canoeing and hiking and an opportunity for old friends and family to gather around a grill for good food, good conversation, and of course, good holy water. While Serb Fest's First Generation laid the foundation for what TR has become today, the Second Generation has introduced new traditions giving their incarnation of Serb Fest its own identity.

So what are the first things we think of today, when Turkey Run is mentioned in conversation?


What is Turkey Run really all about? THE FOOD! Let's be honest, TR is a glorified Memorial Day barbeque. Let's take a look at the always evolving Serbian & American inspired menu offered each year at TR! There's something for everyone, even you crazy vegitarians!

NEW IN 2010 :: Keep in mind, beginning in 2010, the logistics for providing food at TR will, for the most part, follow the original logistics of Serb Fest - That is, each individual/family is responsible for providing their own food, but to some degree the food will remain communal. The plan for communal food is for each individual/family to provide one specialty dish/meal that can be shared with all. This should cover menu items such as Cevapcici, Monica's Dad's Chicken, BBQ Pulled Pork, Jimmy Dean, etc. Burgers, Brats, Italian Sausage, Corn on the Cob, Vegitables, Children's food, etc should be provided on an individual basis. Please direct any questions on this shift in logistics to Scott Berger prior to Memorial Day Weekend!

The tasty Serbian sausages served in mass quantities at Tukey Run come from D.S.D. Delicatessin on Lawrence Ave. in Chicago as featured in the opening segment of the "Fire & Ice Extravaganza" documentary. This is the "main event" when it comes to menu items at TR. For several years from 2001 through 2006, it was expected that each year, the order would grow to new record setting numbers, maxing out at an astounding 5 2/3 orders (850 cevapcici) in 2005. This simply could not be sustained and in 2007, the Founding Members began to show some realism - conceding to more modest levels of cevap in years to follow to compliment an expanded variety of other foods.

is grilled and traditionally served over chopped onion and sliced tomato. Of course, the onions and tomatos are optional and cevap are often grabbed straight from the grill - especially early in the weekend!

At the end of each Serb Fest, the "Cevapcici Consumption Award" is given to the individual who displays the most impressive consumption of said sausage. The award was introduced in 2003 in response to Big Shit's very impressive consumption of over 50 sausages over the course of the weekend.

Cevapcici is also known for the award that bares it's form - the elusive "Golden Cevapcici Award" - awarded semi-annually, this golden pile of plaster cevap is highly sought after - recognizing an attendee's exceptional display of the Tenets of Turkey Run.

Cevapcici can also be consumed in sandwhich form - served on Serbian bread (see below) with Kaymak and Avjar. Kaymak is essentially a cream cheese spread while Avjar is a roasted red pepper spread.

Somewhat of a "Serbian Hamburger", these patties are formed from smashing several uncooked cevapcici together along with diced onion and jalepeno. They're served on a bun or torn bread, often accompanied by Avjar and/or Kaymak. If you're having trouble pronouning this menu item, don't be afraid to ask!

This incredibly heavy loaf of Serbian bread is not sliced, it's TORN! Pruchased at D.S.D. Delicatessin, several loaves are consumed over the weekend. The bread is traditionally accompanies cevapcici.

"Who wants some Chicken?!" as proclaimed by Scott at TR 2004 only begins to show the excitement the group has had through the years for juicy, mouth-watering chicken breast!

Since the early 2000's chicken breasts have been served either salted or smothered with Sweet Baby Ray's Barbeque Sauce. The group was especially enamoured by the juiciness of the breasts that came off the new "Fire & Ice" grill at TR 04. Unfortunately, this particular grill only made it to TR in '04 and '05.
Of course, chicken can't be mentioned without paying proper respect to the incredible chicken made possible by Monia's Dad & TR Hall of Famer, Miomir Stevanovic. His seasoned and marinated Chicken Legs have been a fixture for years. In 2008, Monica introduced a twist to the menu item not only bringing the traditional Chicken Legs, but bringing a load of boneless Chicken Tenders prepared the same great way! This was one of the many incredible new menu items introduced at TR 08 and is a threat to nearly eliminate the salted and BBQ Chicken Breast from the menu! (Don't worry though, they will still be available in limited quantities based on Monica's attendence for you die-hards out there!)

Burgers have been a staple menu item as long as Jovan's been bringing his non-Serbian male friends to TR. For many years, 1/2 pound all-beef patties were served, but in recent years, Dave R has provided paper thin 1/4 pound patties. They're often double or tripled up on a bun with ketchup, lettuce, tomato, & pickle.

Why we could never properly cook a brat, but we've managed to since effectively cook Italian Sausages on the grill without boiling them is yet another TR mystery... But never the less, this Chicago favorite is also a favorite of Serb Fest attendees! These sausages are eaten either on a bun with roasted bell peppers or sliced and eaten with with roasted peppers and zuchini.

Unmentionable sausages with tough skin provided by none other than Dave R. While other meat provided my Mr. R is nothing short of to die for, I warn you to proceed with caution when knawing into one of these sausage "treats".

This mystery sausage doesn't have quite the same negative connotation that the "R Mystery Sausages" have. Provided by Crazy Dan, this pile of sausage is just inch after inch of good ole' Serbian sausage.

Ribs made their first appearance in 2006 when the Men and Crazy Dan both showed up with massive slabs of ribs. Since, Dave R has taken to providing ribs with meat that literally falls off the bone. They are AMAZING!

Introduced in 2008, BBQ Pulled Pork sandwiches are the main course following the Beer Float on Sunday afternoon. Prepared by Julie Berger, unmentionably huge slabs of pork are boiled in the Berger kitchen for days prior to TR. The pork is shredded and smothered with Sweet Baby Ray's Barbeque Sauce. The pork is reheated on the grill and served on buns.

Another menu item introduced in 2008, this is a throwback to a meal often prepared by Big Shit in college. It was speculated that this would be a perfect breakfast meal for Saturday morning. We were right!! Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage logs are browned in a pot on the grill and served over a mountain of diced potatos. Ketchup is optional.

Introduced at TR 01 Observed, OLAF Potatos have been a staple at TR even when OLAF has been absent! This item consists of diced potatoes seasoned and covered with butter and onion wrapped in tin foil and thoroughly heated on the grill.
These items are not part of the official 'communal' food list. If you want the items below, we recommend bringing them yourself. And of course, we still encourage bringing plenty to share!

For years, brats were purchased only to go poorly prepared - charred on the grill to the point of not being edible... That was until Arpan arrived in 2004 and suggested the obvious... "Let's boil the brats in beer and then brown them up on the grill!". Why we didn't think of this sooner, no one may ever know... but a brat boiled in High Life is amazing!

Is this the best corn you'll ever sink your teeth into? No... Is this something that Jovan insists on having on the menu each year? Yes... I have a good feeling that there will be some preparation improvements made to breath some new life into this menu item.

Crazy Dan has also been known to occassionally provide a roasted ear of corn that will blow your socks off. It's not so much the corn... it's the hot sauce!

Traditionally provided by the girls, a variety of salads can usually be found scattered about the picnic tables at TR!

A side dish that has been gaining popularity in recent years after the perceived ban on vegitables at Turkey Run was lifted. Green and Red bell peppers and sliced zuchini are wrapped with oil and seasoning in tin foil and steamed and rosted on the grill. This side dish is served with a variety of meats.

Doritos, BBQ potato chips, lays, etc. What else can I say? You can't go wrong with a few good bags of chips at a barbeque!

The sweets menu orginally consisted of a couple boxes of Hostess mini chocolate & powdered sugar donuts. However, since 2004, Julie Berger has been baking up an entire cooler full of muffins, cookies, and rice krispy treats to satisfy your sugar cravings throughout the weekend. The pink sweets cooler has been making the trip to TR longer than she has (not by choice)!


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