Serb Fest Collection - LIVE Released!

The newest audio release from TR Online is now available! Serb Fest Collection- LIVE contains 12 incredible live performances of classic Serb Fest songs sampled from each of the previous 6 audio releases! The idea came to me last year when stumbling across a performance of Gov't Mule's "Tear Me Down", a song featured during the credits of 2003's Fire & Ice Extravaganza documentary. I was inspired by the energy of the live performance and the presence of the crowd and thought how fantastic it would be to assemble live performances of some of the best TR-related tures we've grown to love over the last decade-plus!

The collection represents a range of tunes from Southern Rock classics from Gov't Mule to Bluegrass tunes from Bela Fleck & The Flecktones to classic TR tunes from The Why Store to a token country tune from Joe Diffie. Ben Harper and John Butler round out the collection. Enjoy! You'll be sure to hear these tunes act as the soundtrack to TR 2014 and beyond!

Thorazine Shuffle :: Gov't Mule
Vix 9 :: Bela Fleck & The Flecktones
Company Sin :: John Butler Trio
Broken Glass :: The Why Store
Sco-Mule :: Gov't Mule
Surround Me :: The Why Store
Get It Like You Like It :: Ben Harper
The Sinister Minister :: Bela Fleck & The Flecktones
Pickup Man :: Joe Diffie
Everybody Holds The Future :: The Why Store
Zebra :: John Butler Trio
Tear Me Down :: Warren Haynes Band

Download the tracks HERE, add them to your iTunes playlists and gear up for another high energy drive (or flight) to TR!


2014 Turkey Run :: Serb Fest - online
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