TR Online Celebrates the Life and Spirit of John Zelenkovich: A Message From Scott Berger

John Zelenkovich


I struggle to find the right words to pay tribute to such an incredible friend. The truth is, anyone reading this already knows in their hearts what it is I'm so desperately trying to say. John inspired me in so many ways... and while our friendship was so much more than TR, it seemed to weave its way into the majority of our conversations. I fed off of his passion for our annual Memorial Day gathering and in turn, he fed off of mine. It was an endless cycle of hype and excitement that may have come across as slightly insane and ridiculous to outsiders, but was a source of so much genuine happiness for him and I.

"I'm not gonna lie, I check the TR website several times a day in hopes that it gets updated. I think that's just as much a part of the TR tradition as anything else for me!" - John Zelenkovich via text message to Scott Berger on 5/31/2012

This is why I'm compelled to cope with this loss by updating our beloved TR website... For nearly 10 years, I've spent time documenting the countless memories we create each year at TR and have peiced together decades of rich history that came before us. In return, we have something tangible here that we'll all have for the rest of our lives. Still, such a motivating factor in my spending so much time maintaining this website, was the joy and laughter John and I shared after each update. I am lucky to be a part of the Serb Fest family. Even as all of our friendships were young, some 15 years ago, we all knew almost immediately, that this tradition was something special. While I always envisioned growing old along side John at Turkey Run, I now know that instead, we will all be celebrating his memory and unparalleled spirit for Turkey Run and all that Serb Fest stands for.

I'm thankful for this gift that John has given so many of us - We are all part of an amazing family and we will always have TR as an "excuse" to know that at least once a year, we'll all come together, no matter where life takes us. This is the vision that John had for TR nearly 10 years ago - that TR would continue to be "a constant in all our lives". He knew that "each year, all of his best friends would be at Turkey Run".

I could go on forever... but let me close with this..... Jovy, we'll miss you, but your spirit will live with each of us forever. It will transcend generations and continue to inspire us and future generations to keep this beloved tradition alive. Until we meet again, enjoy a drink and a sizzling cevap off the big grill in the sky... and send our best to Cika Bora... Ziveli!





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