TR 2004 Attendee and Inspiration Behind the "Intellectual of the Year" Award, Vince Kus, Chats with TR Online!

While it’s been nearly 8 years since his one and only trip to Serb Fest, his attendance is still one of the most talked about in Serb Fest History. TR Online has been in pursuit of Vince for 2 years with the hopes of catching up and getting his take on his place in Serb Fest history! Vince was the final addition to the TR 2004 line-up and it proved to be a great one. He no doubt was able to provide an unusual brand of entertainment to the group - always a welcomed trait.

In 2008, the Intellectual of the Year award was officially renamed in his honor, as its first ever recipient; a fitting way to pay respect to the intellectual of all intellectual TR attendees, past, present and future.

His eventual return is among the highest anticipated of past Serb Fest attendees. For those of you never having had the pleasure of experiencing the “Intellectual’s” company, this summary of our exchange gives a glimpse into his unique and eloquent “intellectual stylings”.

TR Online: In 2004, you joined us for your one and only trip to Serb Fest at Turkey Run State Park. Where has life taken you since that legendary weekend nearly 8 years ago?

Kus: It's been a long trek, for all of us men who were apart of TR 2004 - a trek that I have and will continue to enjoy. I have a wonderful Wife (Kathryn), a son (London 5yrs), a second son (Sebastian 1yr) and have been residing in Arizona. I continue to work at CDW (5yrs), while building and working toward fulfilling my dreams and enjoying my friends and family.

TR Online: During the kayak/canoe trip in 2004, you saved two drowning children. Have you experienced any more heroic moments since miraculously saving these children’s lives?

Kus: I have been dominating opportunities that present themselves and cherishing the moments they have created.

TR Online: You had a significant presence in the 2005 “Fire & Ice Extravaganza, Special Edition” DVD release. I’ve heard stories of you putting the DVD to good use in college to impress guests at your apartment. Do you still find yourself turning to the DVD when in need of (for lack of a better term) an ego boost?

Kus: Often.

TR Online: In 2004, you were the very first recipient of the “Intellectual of the Year Award”. In 2008, the award was renamed the “Vince Kus Honorary Intellectual of the Year Award” in honor of the unprecedented intellect you displayed at TR 2004. Please share your thoughts on this and any words of inspiration you may have for future attendees.

Kus: For all those who have taken part or will one day take part in the TR experience, no finer thoughts can be offered than this: Coming from the 2004 “Intellectual of the Year”, an award that today, bears my name in honor, "Every man has the opportunity to inspire, and those men who learn the art of inspiration understand how to create the opportunity. However, before the man understands how to create an opportunity he must understand his own inspirations to be able see an opportunity to inspire others."

TR Online: Since your attendance in 2004, the dynamic of the Serb Fest has evolved quite a bit, nearly coming full circle to what it was at Serb Fest’s inception in the mid-1970’s. No longer is it perceived as a “guys weekend”, but more of a family friendly gathering among friends. There has been summoning by the TR High Council for the return of “Kusseneggar” to TR. Is there hope that one day you will return to Serb Fest along with your family?

Kus: Could be soon! I raise my head high and say "hello" to the TR class of 2012. May it be inspiring and legendary for you. I will one day return to enjoy and share the new and exciting experiences of being together at TR with my good friends. Until then, I challenge you this: “Let's not be men of our successes, but men of value” - Albert Einstein.



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