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This is a "rugged" 1.7-mile trail that offers some unusual hiking opportunities. Following the cliffs along Sugar Creek, Trail 3 passes by the Ice Box. It then turns north and follows between the steep walls of Bear Hollow before returning to the ridgetop by a series of ladders. Be very careful!The trail later takes you to the Punch Bowl (an interesting glacial feature). Trail 3 then connects with Trail 4 and follows between the steep walls of Rocky Hollow, along a creek, on the way back to the Suspension Bridge. These are the "landmarks" that we try to hit during the hike.  
TRAIL 9 ::
This is a "rugged" 1-mile trail that is the most likely of all the trails to get the group in trouble. This is where we tend to break off the mean trail to explore and often get lost in the depths of nature. Consequently, this becomes the main stretch of the hike. Often times, some of us grow quite frustrated knowing that we're lost at a time when we grow increasingly desperate for our first helpings of cevapcici and cold beer. Many of the photos below depict what you might experience during this portion of the hike!  
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