"One Trip Wonders" of Serb Fest Past

Vince "The Intellectual" Kus
"Chuck the Truck" Leto
Arpan Desai
Eric "Mad Dog" Hansen

Let’s take a few moments to remember some of our most memorable “One Trip Wonders”! Most of us regular attendees have long committed to TR for life... A tradition of making memories with friends and family year after year... And while we always encourage regular attendance from the moment new invitees are introduced to Serb Fest, repeat attendance simply doesn’t materialize for some. For OLAF recruit, Sean Sullivan, an incredible 12 years separated his only two trips to TR. His surprise return in 2012 has certainly been the exception. Most are instantly hooked or fall immediately into TR lore. Impressively though, many who only briefly cross paths with our great tradition have managed to make lasting impressions.

Perhaps the most infamous “One Trip Wonder” is none other than the “Intellectual”, Vince Kus. In just one year of attendance, in 2004, Vince managed to inspire one of our hallmark annual awards, the “Honorary Vince Kus Intellectual of the Year Award”. He brought an unusual brand of entertainment that’s since often been imitated, but never matched. He’s been invited back on numerous occasions, but TR hasn’t heard from Kus since a rare interview with TR Online in 2012.

Another TR 2004 attendee, "Chuck The Truck" Leto made a solid impression. He was highly commended for his initiative in learning the fine art of grilling cevapcici. This was very remeniscent of TR 03's rookie of the year. We last heard from Chuck in January of 2008, when he most definitely expressed great interest in one day returning to TR! Perhaps a follow up is in order, now over a decade later!

Yet another TR2004 attendee, Arpan Desai made his one and trip after a long history of ongoing invitations. Unfortunately, due to family obligations, he’s not been able to return. While he was skeptical of the hype, its safe to say he certainly understands what TR is all about. Its just a Barbeque!... with a few added features! Arpan is credited with “innovating” pre-cooking brats in beer before finishing off on the grill. Believe it or not, years previous, the men would simply char the hell out of our brats. So while not earth shattering by today’s standards, this was quite the revelation back in 2004. He also developed a special bond manning the grill alongside the late, great Cika Bora. A return may perhaps one day come to, but for now, a notable “One Trip Wonder”!

In 2007, Jovan Zelenkovich recruit and Business School buddy, Eric Hansen hit the TR scene with avengence! Credited with introducing the game of Bags, a welcomed addition after years of enjoying Bocce as the only competitive activity of the weekend. Eric would display impressive Cornhole skills as he unleased a dominance that could not be matched! Drinking an entire bottle of Mad Dog Malt Liquer on Saturday afternoon wasn't even enough to waiver his skills. This consumption of a 'gag' bottle of alcohol started a friendly tradition of initiating Rookies with similar tasks. Don't worry though, future rookies, your "initiation" isn't guaranteed, so hope you fly under the radar in this regard.... Getting back on track, Mad Dog's ability to consume large amounts of alcohol and interact with the Serbs earned him Rookie of the Year honors by unanimous vote!




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