Turkey Run has long been driven by TRADITION. For Serb Fest’s First Generation, coming to Turkey Run meant fantastic canoeing and hiking and an opportunity for old friends and family to gather around a grill for good food, good conversation, and of course, good holy water. While Serb Fest's First Generation laid the foundation for what TR has become today, the Second Generation has introduced new traditions giving their incarnation of Serb Fest its own identity.

So what are the first things we think of today, when Turkey Run is mentioned in conversation?



In 1998, there was an instance during the Saturday morning hike where a group of the Second Generation guys encountered a man holding a beer in a foam insulator, who was in the process of tripping on some stairs. He exclaimed to those around him that he felt like a "pud". It was at that time that we all took notice of the abundance of white trash at Turkey Run. From that point on, the group established TR as an acronym for Turkey Run as somewhat of a tribute to white trash America, commonly referred to as “WT”. The following year, partially as a mockery of, but also to pay homage to the local Indiana folk, “beaters” were to be worn by all attendees the entire weekend. Any other form of mockery of this lifestyle was encouraged. Upon arrival Saturday morning in 1999, the group took an impromtu photo sporting their fresh "beaters" prior to the annual hike that would traditionally kick off the weekend. Wife Beaters would go on to become the unofficial apparel of the Second Generation. More importantly, it would mark the birth of the annual pre-hike group photo. While aggressively running though the hiking trails of Turkey Run, it was commonplace for this group of men in their ‘beaters to be questioned by onlookers, “Are you guys in the Army?”. By the end of the 2000’s, while wearing your beater all weekend would certainly be looked upon positively, realistically, they’re now worn exclusively for the hike and occasionally around the grill site immediately following the hike or during Sunday’s Beer Float.  
[Left to Right] Aaron Decker, Cameron Decker, Mark Decker, Grant Berger, Scott Berger, Carter Berger, William Leininger, Griffin Leininger, Bryce, OLAF, Jimmy L, Jack L  
[Left to Right] Erich Mann (Henry Mann), Dan Boskovic, Bryce Thal, Brian Kelley, Jack L (Jimmy L), OLAF, Jeff Berger (Graham Berger), Dave R (Louis R), Rishi Loona, Jeff Heizman (Ethan Heitzman), Scott Berger (Carter Berger, Grant Berger), Mike Z (Callen Z), Joe Ecker (Joey Ecker)  
[Left to Right] Brian Crissie, Dave R (Louie R), Mark Decker (Aaron Decker, Cameron Decker), Rishi Loona (Carter Berger), Jeff Heitzman (Ethan Heitzman), Scott Berger (Grant Berger), OLAF (Jimmy L, Jack L), Erich Mann (Henry Mann), Jeff Berger (Graham Berger), Mike Z (Callen Z)  
[Left to Right] Jeff Berger, Brian O'Kelly, Joe E (Joey E), Frank Malawski, Rishi Loona (Aaron Decker), Brian Crissie, (Carter Berger), Dan Boskovic, Scott Berger, (Grant Berger), (Jack L), (Cameron Decker), OLAF, (Jimmy L), Jeff Heitzman, (Ethan Heitzman), Dave R (Louie R)
[Left to Right] Jeff Berger, Erich Mann (Henry Mann), Dave R (Louis R), OLAF (Jimmy L, Jack L), Rishi Loona, Scott Berger (Carter Berger, Grant Berger), Frank Malawski, Dan Boskovic (Cameron Decker), Mark Decker (Aaron Decker), Brian Crissie
Not Pictured: Jeff Heitzman, Ethan Heitzman
[Left to Right] Jeff Berger (Eloise Berger), Dave R (Louis R), Rishi Loona (Carter Berger), Scott Berger (Grant Berger), (Ethan Heitzman) Jeff Heitzman, Brian Crissie, Erich Mann (Henry Mann), OLAF (Jimmy L), Dan W (Jack L), Dan Boskovic (Ivana Boskovic) (Danica Boskovic)
[Left to Right] Brian O'Kelly, Dave Abel, Dave R (Louis R), Grant Berger, Scott Berger (Carter Berger), Dan Boskovic, Erich Mann (Henry Mann), Rishi Loona, Brian Crissie, Joe Nagle (Brody Nagle), Jeff Berger, Joe, Jack L, OLAF (Jimmy L), Jeff Heitzman (Ethan Heitzman)
[Left to Right] Brian Kelley, Dan Boskovic, Brian Crissie, Jeff Berger, Rishi Loona, Erich Mann, Jack L, OLAF (Jimmy L), Grant Berger, Scott Berger (Carter Berger), (Louis R) Dave R, (Ethan Heitzman) Jeff Heitzman
Not Pictured: Luke McLeod
[Left to Right] Jeff Heitzman, Rishi Loona, Brian Kelley, John Zelenkovich w/ Carter Berger, Scott Berger w/ Grant Berger, OLAF, Dave R, Jeff Berger, Brian O'Kelly  
Not Pictured: Crazy Dan, Brian Crissie, Jack L, Jimmy L, Elmer Ceren  
[Left to Right] Jeff Heitzman, Brian Kelley, Elmer Ceren, Jovan Zelenkovich, Dave R, OLAF, Dan W, Jack L, Mike Z, Scott Berger, Grant Berger (Ivana Boskovic), Crazy Dan, Brian Crissie  
Not Pictured: Rishi Loona  
[Left to Right] (Luke McCleod), Hans McCleod, Dan Boskovic, Brian Kelley, Scott Berger (Grant Berger), Tripp Charvet, Jovan Zelenkovich, Jeff Heitzman, Jeff Berger, Brian O'Kelly, Brian Crissie, Mike Z, OLAF, (Jack L)  
[Left to Right] Brian Crissie, Rishi Loona, Scott Berger, Jovan Zelenkovich, Dave R, Brian Kelley, Dan Boskovic, Charlie Ruiz, Jeff Heitzman  
Not Pictured :: OLAF  
[Left to Right] Jeff Berger, Jeff Heitzman, (Sara) OLAF, Dave R, Rishi Loona, Brian Kelley, Jovan Zelenkovich, Scott Berger, Mike Z, Brian Crissie.  

[Left to Right] Brian Crissie, Rishi Loona, Scott Berger, Jovan Zelenkovich, Eric Hansen, OLAF, Dave R, Jeff Berger, Brian Kelley.

Not Pictured :: Jeff Heitzman

[Left to Right] Jeff Berger, N/A, Brian Crissie, Scott Berger, Jovan Zelenkovich, Jeff Heitzman, Dave R, Brian Kelley (INJ).  


[Left to Right] Dave R, Scott Berger, N/A, Jeff Berger, Jovan Zelenkovich, OLAF, Jeff Heitzman, Brian Kelley.

Not Pictured :: Brian Crissie, Charlie Ruiz, Rishi Loona

2004 ::  


[Left to Right] Vince Kus, Jovan Zelenkovich, Chuck Leto, Scott Berger, Jeff Heitzman, N/A, Brian Crissie, OLAF, Brian Kelley, Jeff Berger, Arpan Desai, Charlie Ruiz.

2003 ::  

[Left to Right] Brian Kelley, Scott Berger, Jeff Berger, OLAF, Jovan Zelenkovich, Rishi Loona, Charlie Ruiz, Jeff Heitzman.
2002 ::  

[Left to Right] Brian Kelley, Scott Berger, Brian Crissie, OLAF, Jovan Zelenkovich, Jeff Berger
2001 Observed ::  


[Left to Right] OLAF, Steve Luke, Jovan Zelenkovich, Brian Kelley, Scott Berger, Jeff Berger

Not Pictured :: Jeff Heitzman


[Left to Right] Brian Crissie, Scott Berger, Jeff Berger

[Left to Right] N/A, Scott Berger, Jeff Heitzman, Jovan Zelenkovich


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