4.03.17 // TR 2017 Attendance Update // MEAT // 2010 Rookie of the Year // Newcomers

I have exciting attendance news to share for TR 2017! I have confirmation that 2016 Rookie, Frank Malawski, affectionately known as "Meat", will be returning in 2017! We expect great things! I've also received word that 2010 Rookie of the Year, Brian O'Kelly expects to make a welcomed return to TR this year! Brian has been on-again-off-again since storming onto the Serb Fest scene as a young man. This will be his 4th appearance at TR. This is convenient timing as his part-Korean/part-Irish namesake counterpart, Brian Kelley will unfortunately be on extended hiatus from Serb Fest for the forseeable future due to committments to his alter-ego, Dr. Shit.

We will also welcome Ich's sister Vikki and family (husband, Joe, children Maddie and JJ) to Turkey Run. They've been very familiar with the Legend of TR for the better part of 20 years as it often comes up in conversation around the dinner table at family gatherings between the Berger's and Mann's. We expect they'll fit right in very comfortably. Joe has strong Rookie of the Year potential!

4.01.17 // Welcome to TR 2017 // Serb Fest 40

Friends and fellow TR attendees, past and present…. We are 2 months out from an historic weekend.  This year, we’ll celebrate an incredible 40th anniversary of our beloved Serb Fest!  As generations have come and gone, perhaps some of our newer attendees may find it hard to even fathom this tradition dating back 4 decades – further back than most of us have been alive! The tradition continues to thrive, touching new people each year.  Amazingly, this Memorial Day weekend, we not only celebrate 40 years of Serb Fest, but 20 years since the inaugural attendance of today’s ‘Founding Members’ of as named by the TR High Council.  TR 1998 was a pivotal year in which our old friend, Jovan Zelenkovich first invited the likes of myself, Scott Berger and OLAF – a move that quickly spawned a feverish growth of a new generation, not seen since the formative days of Serb Fest in the mid-70’s. 
I urge everyone to join us in celebrating this momentous occasion – Memorial Day Weekend, May 26-29, 2017.  We’ll find room for everyone!  Can’t wait to see you gathered ‘round the grills of Turkey Run!  


3.18.17 // New Life in the TR Family!

Congratulations are in order for the latest off-season additions to the TR Family! This year Nutz and Amy Heitzman will welcome baby Riley and Erich and Lauren Mann will welcome baby Vivian to the tradition of TR. Hard to believe, but we may well be at a point where the 3rd generation will outnumber us "old people"! Let's see this a a good thing - and good for the future of Serb Fest! You know what they say, "Gotta Start 'Em Young!"

5.31.16 // TR 2016 Awards Announcement

The TR High Council has spoken! In a very close vote, the 2016 Rookie of the Year Award goes to Mark Decker! His domination of the "pump" and in consideration of the increased degree of difficulty in managing 2 very active sons, makes him a very deserving recipient! "Meat" (Frank Malawski), of course had a very strong showing coming away with both a killer nickname and likely a killer hangover after polishing off his bottle of MD20/20. Thanks to both men for their superb spirit in their inaugural trip to TR! We look forward to having you both back next year! Special mention also goes to Amy Lund for initiating an unprecedented 2nd kayak trip on Monday morning!

The 2016 Most Improved Award goes to Rishi Loona - which sounds illogical considering he reached the pinnacle of TR recognition last year taking home the Golden Cevapcici Award, but in sharp contrast to his usual intelligent being, he foolishly returned his rental car Monday morning with Scott's cooler and beer float in the trunk! He made good this April with a new cooler, float and grill tool set with integrated flash lights. AMAZING!

The Cevapcici Consumption Award goes to Carter Berger, not only for his enthusiasm for cevapcici, but for his enthusiasm for all meats. His family is very proud!

Check out the AWARDS ARCHIVE for a look back on past recipients!

5.30.16 // TR 2016 - Just About Perfect!!

Well, few could argue that this wasn’t another outstanding year for Serb Fest! While we missed several regulars and a last minute cancelation of Amy Heitzman due to illness, we welcomed several new comers. A new attendee is like having kids – It gives you an opportunity to see life (or in this case, TR) through the eyes of someone new – it just makes everything that much more exciting! Not to mention, it led to a new nickname (“meat”) and a new initiation beverage. The weather was glorious, the kids had a blast, the food and drink was plentiful and as usual, plenty of hilarious quotes were born. After a strong very late Friday night, anchored by Scott, Rishi, Crazy Dan, Olaf and new comer, “Meat” – Saturday was met with at least a couple mild (and rare) hangovers. As the remaining families arrived, many embarked on the annual hike – though the group was split. Following the hike, the annual wife beater photo was expanded to include not only a shot of the men, but a shot of the men and kids (as we’ve done the past few years) and a shot of only the kids. It was truly a sight to see so many boys under the age of 8 proudly bearing their A shirts, just as their fathers do. A true memorable moment for Serb Fest as the 3rd generation continues to grow! We saw the introduction of a new game – bottle something-or-another – where the object is to knock a bottle off of a pole with a Frisbee – all while holding a cold beverage…. A fantastic game that I expect to be a mainstay in the future! Another game involving a hammer and nails failed to debut this year, though we’ll work hard to bring that game to life in 2017! Sunday morning the group split for the annual beer float and Sangria Sunday traditions. But for the first time, 3 of the men embarked on the trip with children. A risky move, but one that turned out to be phenomenal! Grant, Jack, Cameron and Sarah joined us and couldn’t have enjoyed the trip more! And special recognition to Sarah for fetching Stroh’s for the group on a couple of occasions! The rest of the weekend was business as usual. Another notable addition – the introduction of new grill tools with integrated flash lights (thanks Rishi)! So now we turn our sights to TR 2017 – Serb Fest’s 40th Anniversary! We have A LOT in store for you all in the upcoming year. So many ideas and so little time! Can’t wait to share them with you all! Zeveli, friends!

5.27.16 // Greatest Quote in Serb Fest History is Crowned!

After a very difficult series of polls where the group pined over selecting favorite quotes from each year dating back to 2003, as the final poll was revealed to the group, Scott was hit with the revelation that perhaps one of the greatest and most influential quotes of all time had been inadvertently left out of previous voting rounds! Given this quote's place in the TR Code of Ethics, it felt appropriate to give the quote late entry in the final round, suggesting it could be the 'dark horse' quote. And against very stiff competion from legendary quotes from 2005, '06, '07 and '10, the Hall of Famer's quote won in a landslide - not only solidifying it's rightful place as the 10th Commandment of Serb Fest, but now rightfully as the greatest quote in Serb Fest History.

Relive the memories of all your favorite quotes HERE

"You know the rules.... You eat or you're out!" - Mr. Z (TR2001)


"My favorite thing on the website was the part about the white trash." – Turkey Run Ranger (TR 2010)


"I should put some clothes on" - Jovan ......... "Why?" - Cika Bora (TR 2007)


"I’m Rick James, b*tch!" - Dave R (heard all weekend long) (TR 2005)

0 VOTES (But still a favorite!)



It’s not too early to start talking about TR2017 given the circumstance that we’ll be celebrating Serb Fest’s 40th ANNIVERSARY! The attendance list has evolved over the years. We’ve been without our forefathers for a few years now as they slowly retired from Serb Fest as the 2nd generation has taken over. We’ve had a number of one or two-time attendees in the last 20 years and we’ve had a number of one-time regulars on an extended hiatus in the last couple years. 2017 – We welcome encourage everyone to come back to join together and celebrate this great tradition and pay tribute to the incredible 40 year history touching 5 decades!

With that said, amazingly, there appears to be a handful of rooms currently available through the Turkey Run Inn’s Online Reservation Wizard! If you did not reserve your room for 2017 last year, now may be your last chance! If Serb Fest holds a special place in your heart, BOOK NOW! Remember, you can cancel up to 4 days prior to check-in (though you’d be crazy to do so!). And if you can’t make it, I expect that room to be in high demand as both past attendees and new attendees look to get in on a Serb Fest for the ages!

5.25.16 // Reserve Your Rooms NOW for TR 2018!

It’s time to reserve your room for TR 2018!! Follow the Online Reservation Wizard. TR 2018 is scheduled for Friday, May 25 – Monday, May 28, 2018. Remember, rooms book quickly and waiting until this weekend to reserve in person at TR Inn may be too late! You are only paying for one night’s stay up front as a deposit, which of course is fully refundable in the sad event that you need to cancel (up to 4 days prior to check-in) due to some unfortunate event keeping you from attending. Also, pay consideration to the possibility of reserving an extra room for potential guests of yours at TR 2018. It’s certainly encouraged to extend invitations to friends and family of yours outside of our immediate group! Remember, it is the responsibility of all of us to continually spread the Legend of Turkey Run to ensure the future livelihood and success of Serb Fest!

5.21.16 // Fire & Ice Extravaganza :: Special Edition 2004 Recap NOW AVAILABLE for Streaming!

That's right! What seems like a hidden treasure, even for me, is rereleased digitally available for download or to stream directly to your mobile devices! Relive TR2004 in our second documentary installment!

2004 saw a true cast of characters, several of whom only attended this one year, leave a lasting impression on Serb Fest. Among them, Vince Kus – the inaugural recipient and inspiration behind the annual award that bears his name: The Honorary Vince Kus Intellectual of the Year. He’s called upon by the TR High Council each year to return to Serb Fest, but to no avail. We will not quit until we triumph! But in the meantime, his legend lives on.

View the video HERE or visit the documentary page for links to other great Serb Fest video!


5.20.16 // TR Attendance Update

TR Attendance Update! I got confirmation today that Frank Malawski will be joining Serb Fest Friday evening through Sunday morning. I realized how overwhelming it can be for new attendees with so much information and such a rich history portrayed in TROnline and on Social Media. But I think you're better off with the information overload than the "don't worry about it, just show up" treatment Chuckles got years ago (well documented in his TAO OF TURKEY RUN piece from 2009. With at least a couple new guys joining us, let's see how the Rookie of the Year voting goes down! Crazy Dan, break out the Wild Irish Rose and Mad Dog 20 20!

5.19.16 // Serb Fest Collection - Volume IV Released!

I’m excited to present the latest installment in the Serb Fest Collection Series! This is the first new Volume in the series since 2012 after having released ‘Serb Fest Collection Live’ and ‘Council Picks’ in 2014. I’m particularly pleased with the lineup this year… As always, we have a solid blend of Southern Rock and Country tunes – appropriate for the Central Indiana flavor of TR! While there are hidden references to TR-related themes and anecdotes in many of the selections, I’m particularly fond of Jason Aldean’s ‘1994’, seemingly an ANTHEM for all things TR. In fact, the song’s chorus is a tribute to Country legend, Joe Diffie and specifically references his gem of a song, ‘Pickup Man’ – a favorite of Jovan’s and a featured tune on Serb Fest Collection – Volume 2. Coincidentally, ‘1994’ also happens to be a key year in Serb Fest history – The year Jovan first brought a friend to TR (Jeff Bott), setting an important precedent leading to present day Serb Fest.

Download the tracks HERE, add them to your iTunes playlists and gear up for another high energy drive (or flight) to TR!


5.09.16 // TR Attendance Update

As the weather in the Midwest slowly turns and warm sunny days become more and more common, I can't help but to close my eyes and imagine the euphoria of pulling into Turkey Run State Park Friday evening and racing to the grill site in anticipation of cracking open that first cold beer and dumping a pile of meat on the grill! We're now well inside of 3 weeks to go! I can hardly contain myself!

I'm excited to share another attendance update! I got word this past weekend that the OLAF and family have recruited Amy Lund to finally experience the magic of Serb Fest! For those of you who don't know Amy, she has long-time ties to many people in the group. She remains closest with OLAF and Julie, but was also close friends with Jovan Zelenkovich in High School and later introduced to many of the guys you see at TR in the following years in college. It's also worth mentioning that she has ties to the infamous Jeff Bott, whom we're still hoping will make a return to TR - possibly in 2017, almost twenty years after his last trip in 1998. [Serb Fest fun-fact.... Jeff Bott was the first friend that Jovan brought to TR back in 1994, setting an important precedent for was eventually became modern-day Serb Fest!] I digress...... Amy has undoubtedly heard many tales of Serb Fest over the past decade or two! It's time she check it out for herself!

5.02.16 // 2016 Shopping List Available Now!

This year's shopping list is now available! There aren't many changes from previous years, but there are definitely a few differences - Please review carefully to ensure we have all bases covered! For those of you contributing monetarily to the Serbian Food order, please bring cash for Crazy Dan.

2016 Shopping List

4.24.16 // TR Attendance Update

We're excited to welcome Mark & Katie Decker along with their two boys, Cameron & Aaron to Serb Fest in 2016! While this will be there first Serb Fest, they are no strangers to Turkey Run. Mark has 3 prior visits and Katie, 1. They are avid hikers, so expect to see them enjoying Trail 9! On a sad note, I confirmed this week that Monica will be unable to join us this year for the second straight year. However, rest assured, she guaranteed a return in 2017! Also, as most of you know, BS will once again be absent from TR. Let's all show mercy one more year as there are mighty big plans ahead for him as he travels to Europe. He, also is very much expected to return to TR in 2017!

4.23.16 // Rishi Follows Through on 2015 Promise

  After foolishly cutting out of TR2015 heading to the Indianapolis Airport his rental car, including Scott's cooler and cooler floating device, Rishi came through this week with replacements! And to sweeten the make-good, he through in a new set of BBQ tools, complete with built in flash-lights. I expect he'll thoroughly enjoy using these while late-night grilling! After hitting a high, capturing the 2015 Golden Cevapcici Award and then hitting the low of driving off with a trunk full of supplies, I'd say Rishi is poised to capture 2016's 'Most Improved' Award!

2.20.16 // A New Look for TROnline!

It's hard to believe it's been nearly 13 years since TROnline made its debut! The site has grown considerably since it's humble beginnings as an archive for past attendees and a few ridiculous quotes. Now its finally time to give her a new look! It'll take some time, so bear with me - but I hope y'all enjoy TROnline 2.0!



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